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Foggy Sunrise
North Eastern [East] Grand Lake at The Thoroughfare - Orient, Maine & Fosterville, New Brunswick

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"Perspective, Use It or Lose It" Richard Bach, Illusions
Can you identify these waters and lands from this unique perspective?
Photo from The Woodstock Bugle-Observer

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What is the ChipLakeNEWS? It's... electronic newsletter, that's transmitted free with one restriction (and usually weekly) to anyone who:

1) Requests to be placed on the ChipLakeNEWS e-address list ... AND who:

2) Discloses his real identity and snail-mailing address to the editor. (I require knowing who is receiving these newsletters and no one else (except if they have a court order) shares that data.].

3) (As of January 1, 2011) annually, financially supports a/some/any local (Aroostook or Washington County, Maine or York County, New Brunswick) land or water conservation organization:

RE: Subscriptions to the ChipLakeNEWS

When the precursor to the ChipLakeNEWS (clN) was initiated (about 2000 - Y2K) it was originally intended as a monthly mode of communications between and among members of the Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy (CLIC), the lake association serving the Chiputneticook chain of boundary water lakes between Maine and New Brunswick. The electronic newsletter, however, quickly evolved into a (mostly) weekly newsletter that has lasted these many years.

Because CLIC members paid annual dues, no charge was made to newsletter recipients, but soon non-members started to ask to be added to the addressbook ... and they were freely added, because there was virtually no cost to sending the newsletter, and the hope was that those non-members would JOIN (and support) CLIC.

That policy of adding non-member's to the newsletter's address book without cost continued until 1/1/11 ... even after some rather stiff prodding, few of those freebee hangers-on ever joined CLIC nor did they give any indication that they financially supported ANY ME or NB land or water conservation organization.

Today, most clN recipients are CLIC members, several others belong to other known Maine or New Brunswick land or water conservation organizations, including but not limited to the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust (WWLT), the Skiff Lake Cottage Owners Association, the Grand Lake Stream Lakes Association, the Downeast Lakes Land Trust (DLLT) or another local organization ... so because your editor and writer and sender is lazy, they had remained on the clN address list. BUT ...

... as benevolent dictator and sole policy setter for the clN, I have decided that all newsletter recipients are now required to either JOIN CLIC or JOIN the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust of Forest City (WWLT) or that they financially support, annually, some/any other local Maine or New Brunswick land or water conservation organization ... and upon my request, they must provide some kind of proof that they continue membership in or financially support one of those organizations so long as they choose to continue to receive a free subscription to the clN.  The clN neither charges nor receives a subscription fee.

A recipient's membership in CLIC is easy for me to verify, because I am the Membership Chairman and Treasurer for CLIC which is a 501 c 3 tax exempt organization ... and I don't need to receive proof of  CLIC members' continuing financial support.  Those newsletter recipients who decide not to continue to support CLIC are asked if they support another local land or water conservation organization and, if not, are quickly dropped from the clN's e-addressbook.

Because I don't have my ear to the heartbeat of other local conservation organizations, I may require some kind of occasional verification ... it won't be involved but some form of proof may be required, occasionally. As I said, I'm lazy, so necessarily it's the recipient's responsibility to financially support a local conservation  organization annually if he wants to receive the ChipLakeNEWS.

CLIC dues are merely $25.00 per year per HOUSEHOLD and the WWLT sets no minimum annual contribution to establish membership ... so the money ain't the factor ... the important factor is the recipient's willingness to annually support a local land or water conservation organization.

The BOTTOM LINE is that I will send the clN to all new subscribers once you either JOIN CLIC or show that you financially support any another local land or water conservation organization and ask to be added to the clN e-addressbook. Join a qualifying organization now and start your subscription.

To JOIN CLIC, please go to it's HOME web page and do what it says there. The URL for CLIC's Home Page is:

You're on your own to find and join another Maine or New Brunswick land or water organization if you don't choose CLIC.

The e-newsletter often contains information about the five boundary-water Chiputneticook Lakes between Maine and New Brunswick, the greater St. Croix River Basin, fish and fishing in Maine and New Brunswick boundary lakes and rivers, the activities of CLIC (the Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy, Inc., the Chiputneticook area lake association) to protect the shores of all the Chiputneticook Lakes (including Brackett, Deering and all their contributory waters) and information about lots of "lake people" along with other activities going on around the area's lakes and waterways.  CLIC is the recognized lead local organization in the fight to SAVE the DAM at Forest City, ME and NB and the ChipLakeNEWS keeps its recipients updated about that issue.

For more information about the newsletter, check out the ChipLakeNEWS's "Folkways" page  ... or in the table of page links, above

If you want to receive this e-newsletter, postal mail these four items:

1) Your full name (required)

2) Your postal mailing address (required)

3) Your e-mail address (required ... duh!)

4a) The name and contact information for the local Maine or New Brunswick land or water conservation organization that you financially support (required)


4b) Your check payable to CLIC for your current year dues ... $25.00 per HOUSEHOLD or $35.00 for an affiliated business or organization.

... to ChipLakeNEWS, c/o Bill Walton, 28 Snowberry Lane, Orient, ME 04471-4320 (there, you now have my real name and address).

Although it's not required, we'd like to know your "connection" with the Chiputneticook Lakes ... do you own property in the area? Why do you want to receive the ChipLakeNEWS?

If you have questions, send an e-mail and enter "Subscription Request" on the subject line
(so I don't mistake it for e-trash or SPAM).

to: ChipLakeINFO <AT>

... anyone may request to receive the e-newsletter ... you don't have to own property in the Chipitneticook Lakes area ... and anyone may JOIN CLIC.

The ChipLakeNEWS is ALSO this website.

Refer your lake/waterway friends and neighbors to this site ... there's lots of information here if you surf all the internal links.

Reader input is solicited. E-Mail your comments, suggestions and, yes, even your complaints to: ChipLakeINFO <AT>

NOTE: To deter webcrawling robots from collecting e-mail addresses from this site, the ChipLakeNEWS website will hereinafter observe the convention to replace the @ in all the e-mail addresses that we display with the four keystroke group of characters <AT> .

If you choose to record and/or use an e-address published on these pages, replace the <AT> with @ ... and use no spaces.

Because of that concern, it is intended that no e-mail address listed on this site is an active and clickable link ... you must copy and paste or type the e-address you are trying to reach into your mail program. hosts several subWebs ...

Visit the ChipLakeNEWS' subWebs by clicking their links, below:

Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy, Inc.
the lake association serving all five Chiputneticook Lakes of northeastern Maine and
western New Brunswick

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