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Chip Lakes Area NonEmergency Phone Nos

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NOTE:  This data was gathered and posted in 2005 and may now be obsolete.  Please report any changes you identify to ChipLakeINFO <AT>

Dial 9-1-1 in EMERGENCY situations ONLY Save a Life, to Report a Fire or to Stop a Crime in Progress.
Medical Emergencies - Fire - If you are witnessing a Crime in Progress
Missing Persons - Auto and Boating Accidents when someone is hurt

In all non-emergency cases
use the following phone numbers to contact:

Animal Hospital of Houlton - 207-532-4800
Aroostook County Sheriff, Houlton • 800-432-7842 OR 207-532-7317
Danforth Fire Dept, Danforth • 207-448-2255
Danforth, Town of • 207-448-2321 • Monday thru Friday
Downeast EMS - Ambulance, Danforth & Calais • 207-454-2773
East Grand Health Center, Danforth • 207-448-2347 • FAX 207-448-2313
Houlton Regional Hospital, Houlton • 207-532-2900
ME EmSrvComm 911 Bureau, Vasselboro • 207-877-8010 •
ME Forest Service, Island Falls • 207-463-2331
ME Human Services • 800-432-7338
Poison Control Center • 800-442-6305
ME State Police, Houlton • 800-924-2261 or 207-532-5400
ME Warden Service • 800-924-2261 or 207-435-3231 in Ashland
Orient, Town of • 207-448-7729 • Mondays only
Vanceboro, Town of • 207-788-3999
Washington County Sheriff, Machais • 800-432-7303 or 207-255-4422
Weston, Town of • 207-448-2316 • Tuesday thru Friday

If the MAINE resource you are seeking is not listed here, DIAL 2-1-1

...and in Canada dial 9-1-1 for emergencies ... or

Carleton Memorial Hospital, Woodstock • 506-325-6700
N. B. Natural Resources, Canterbury • 506-279-6005
N. B. Sheriff, Woodstock • 506-325-4426
North Lake Fire Department • No local phone number dial 911
R. C. M. Police, Woodstock • 800-665-6663 or McAdam • 506-325-3000
Woodstock Veternary Clinic • 506-328-8248

For emergency entry into the USA
Contact the US CBP Area Security Center (CASC) 207-532-2131 e219
or the Office of Border Patrol 207-532-9061

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