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NOTE:  This data was gathered and posted in 2005 and may now be obsolete.  Please report any changes you identify to ChipLakeINFO <AT>

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Dial 9-1-1 for Help
in EMERGENCY situations ONLY
... to Save a Life, to Report a Fire or
Stop a Crime in Progress
Medical Emergencies - Fire - If you are witnessing a Crime in Progress
Missing Persons - Auto and Boating Accidents when someone is hurt

Make the call from a SAFE place...if your house is on fire, GET OUT, then make the call.

If your call originates from Aroostook County, upon dialing 911, you will be connected to the ME Regional Communications Center (RCC) Radio Dispatcher at the Maine State Police Headquarters in Houlton who, after determining your emergency, will forward your call for assistance to the proper agency (below) which will respond to your call for emergency assistance. If your call is originated from Washington County, your call will be automatically routed to the Washington County Regional Communications Center by the 911 System. I assume that the Canadian 911 system works the same way.

IF possible, be prepared to stay on the phone until you are told that you may hang-up. If you can't stay at the phone to speak, dial 911 and leave the phone off the hook ... through Maine's Enhanced 911 System, help will arrive ... they'll find you if you are calling from a non-cell phone ... and maybe even if you are using a cell phone that has GPS capabilities.

Although the 911 System recognizes all hard-wired phone numbers and the location from which they originatr and because it doesn't always contain location information for cell phone numbers, if you dial 911 from a cell phone, the cell receiving tower determines which RCC your call is routed to. Be sure to accurately describe exactly where you are and who you are, in addition to what kind of emergency you are experiencing,

If there is NO EMERGENCY, do not dial 911 !  If you have a fender-bender and no one is hurt, it is not an emergency! Use a seven digit or a ten digit dial sequence to reach assistance even if you have to dial 411 for information assistance. Most/many of the seven and ten digit numbers you might need are given below.

Be sure that your 911 street address number is properly posted where it can easily be seen from the street / road / lane that is part of your 911 address. Make it easy for emergency responders to find you.

In a NON-EMERGENCY situation, dial 2-1-1 which is a new and yet well-advertized State of Maine telephone service for INFORMATION and REFERRALS.

More than 5500 resources are listed in Maine's database of "help" agencies and organizations. This is a toll-free call and is statewide.

Some 9-1-1 Facts

The use of the 911 System is for EMERGENCIES ONLY and it must be noted that non-emergency use of that system may lead to a monitary fine ($500.00 for the first prosecuted offense, then it's a Class E Crime for subsequent inappropriate calls). Everyone should use common sense and plan ahead for the possibility of needing assistance in a non-emergency situation. Keep the direct dial numbers (below) handy for non-emergency use when you don't know anyone else to call.

If you are in a non-emergency situation but need help, dial 411 or 211
rather than 911.

If you are in a car (or a boat) accident...and no one is hurt...and you need police or other assistance, dial a seven or ten digit phone number...or 411... but not 911. If you return home to find that someone has vandalized your property, dial a seven or ten digit phone number, not 911. If your boat runs out of gas or your outboard fails, dial a seven or ten digit number to get assistance, not 911.

Don't program 911 into any fast-dial phone system and don't check whether or not your phone system works by dialing 911... that call might get you fined.

Do program any of the seven or ten digit numbers into your phone dialing system and your cell phone for use when you might not have this web page or a phone book handy. You can always and quickly dial 911 from an unprogrammed cell phone.

Again, PLAN AHEAD ... and BE PREPARED. If you don't have a cell phone or if you don't program these regular contact numbers into your cell phone, write them out and place a copy in your car and boat so that IF you need non-emergency assistance, you will be able to find it without dialing 911.

Always use sources of non-emergency assistance in non-emergency situations (where possible) but also know that if you are out of gas and blown up on an island with no other source of assistance available to you, you may call for help through the 911 System ... they won't abandon you if you are really in need.

Finally, do not dial "O" for Operator in an emergency ... you might be connected with an operator hundreds of miles away or even in a different state. Always dial 911 for local emergency assistance.

If you dial 911 by mistake, don't hang up. Stay on the line and explain that you dialed by mistake. If you hang up and don't answer the automatic callback, by law a police officer must be dispatched to your location.

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to read detailed information about:

In Maine:

East Grand Health Center
Houlton Regional Hospital
Danforth Volunteer Fire Department
Maine Forest Service
Downeast Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance Service)
Maine State Police, Houlton Barracks
Aroostook County Sheriff, Houlton Office
Washington County Sheriff, Machais Office
Maine Warden Service
Maine Poison Control Center
Maine Human Services
Animal Hospital of Houlton
Local Maine Towns

If the MAINE resource you are seeking is not listed here, DIAL 2-1-1 and ask!

..and in New Brunswick:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Carleton Memorial Hospital, Woodstock
North Lake Fire Department
N. B. Natural Resources - Forest Fire and Game Wardens
N. B. Sheriff
Woodstock Veterinary Clinic
Local New Brunswick Towns

East Grand Health Center
(Walk-In Clinic)
P. O. Box 44
201 Houlton Road (U.S. Route 1)
Danforth, ME 04424
Fax 207-448-2313
The EGH Center is open from 9:00 to 4:00 every weekday
and additionally on Thursday evenings.
A nurse practitioner and doctors or other professionals
are on site daily.
Please phone ahead for an appointment, if possible.

The EGHC is on the east side of U.S. Route 1 as you drive north from downtown Danforth, a little north and across the street from The Mill Yard Restaurant and gas station.

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Houlton Regional Hospital
(A 24 Hour Full-Service Hospital)
The HRH is on Hartford Street, off U.S. Route 1 (North Street) in the northern part of Houlton. Northbound from the Meduxnekeag River Bridge, turn west (left) just before McDonalds and the Irving Gas Station. The emergency entrance is in the back (north side) - dial 521-2242 or 521-2243 for the Emergency Room.

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Danforth Volunteer Fire Department
(Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad)
is dispatched through the Regional Communications Center for your location...either Aroostook County or Washington County.
To report a structure fire,
dial 911 from a safe place ... or try 207-448-2255 in non-emergency situations.

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Maine Forest Service
(Forest Fire Prevention - Fire Permits)
First, Dial 207-463-2331 or dial 911 if your call isn't answered.

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Downeast Emergency Medical Services
(Emergency Medical Technician and Ambulance Transportation Service)
emergency medical transportation,
dial 911 or dial 207-448-7002 in non-emergency situations.
This is a FOR FEE service ... you will be billed for all services provided by Downeast EMS.
Billing is handled by the Bangor Fire Department via

The actual headquarters for Downeast EMS is:
P. O. Box 552, Calais, ME 04619-0552
Dial 207-454-2773 in non-emergency situations.
An ambulance is garaged in Danforth with a local staff
which serves the Chip Lakes area.
A standard ambulance call would include a basic fee (@$300.00), milage at @ $12.00 per mile and
perhaps a fee for
the adminstration of oxygen and/or a cardiac monitor and/or an IV.

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Maine State Police, Houlton Barracks
The Aroostook Regional Communications Center (RCC) receives and dispatches all 911 calls made in Aroostook County.
(Kevin Scott is/was the Supervisor.)

Contact the Maine State Police for assistance on the lakes.

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Aroostook County Sheriff, Houlton Office

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Washington County Sheriff, Machais Office

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Maine Warden Service
For calls originating in Aroostook County, a warden is dispatched solely through the Aroostook RCC in Houlton and through the Washington RCC for calls originating from Washington County - Dial 911 for emergency assistance for boating accidents or lost walkers or dial 1-800-924-2261 in non-emergency situations
or 207-435-3231 for the regional DIF&W office in Ashland
In addition to protecting Maine's Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
the Warden's Service is Maine's primary Search and Rescue force ... both on land and on water.

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Maine Poison Control Center
Dial 911 or dial 1-800-442-6305

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Maine Human Services
Dial 1-800-432-7338

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Veternarians in Houlton
James Hotham, Veternarian, 352 North Road, Houlton
521-5052 Monday thru Thursday

Aroostook Veternarian Service, Access Rd. Houlton
532-4081 - Dr. Pat Coville

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Local Maine Town Offices
- 207-448-2321
Forest City
- 207-448-2321
The Town of Danforth provides municipal services to Forest City
- 207-448-7729 Mondays only

Weston also serves the Town of Orient Tues thru Fri.

Weston - 207-448-2316 Tues thru Fri.
Weston's Clerk is at the Orient Town Office on Mondays

- 207-788-3999

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Maine Emergency Services Communication Bureau
207-877-8010 (voice)


...and in Canada

Dial 911 for Help
in EMERGENCY situations ONLY

CLICK to read the Caution, above.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Connell Road, Woodstock 1-800-665-6663 or
506-325-3000 in McAdam

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North Lake Fire Department
Volunteer Fire Department located on Route 122 in Fosterville
Dial 911

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Carleton Memorial Hospital
Woodstock 506-325-6700

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N. B. Natural Resources
(Fire Rangers and Game Wardens)
Route 122, Canterbury, NB 506-279-6005
For after hour emergencies TRY Ron DeLong 506-279-2192
Charles Bell 506-279-2162 or Ken Kennedy 506-328-4223

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N. B. Sheriff
Woodstock 506-325-4426

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Woodstock Veterinary Clinic, Inc.
24 Hour Emergency Service - Dr. Ted Mouris - 506-328-8248
767 Main Street, Woodstock, NB
Mon-Fri 1:30 to 5:00 and 7:30 to 9:30 • Saturday 10:00 to 2:00 Atlantic Time

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Local New Brunswick Towns
McAdam, NB - 506 -

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Crossing the International Border into the US at closed "remote" ports in an emergency

Although there are physical gates at the ports of Orient and Forest City, they are never locked. In an emergency, they may be physically disconnected and lifted ... but such a breach will be detected and a Border Patrol Officer will be dispatched. Best if you contact the US DHS-CBP Office of Border Patrol in advance at 207-532-9061


Authorization to enter the USA in an emergency may be obtained both in advance by phoning the US Customs Area Security Center (CASC) in Houlton at 207-532-2131 ext. 219 or by contacting CASC by driving under the portico in Orient or on the left side of the road immediately after crossing the Mud Lake Stream bridge in Forest City ... and pressing the silver button on the kiosk on the driver's side.  They'll speak to you and probably open the gate so you can enter the USA.

No legal procedure is known to enter Canada when their Ports of Entry are closed and abandoned.

To print a list of the Non-Emergency Phone Contact Numbers listed above click here and tell your browser to print that page. You might want to trim that page to make it even more displayable or carryable.

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 NOTE:  This data was gathered and posted in 2005 and may now be obsolete.  Please report any changes you identify to ChipLakeINFO <AT>

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