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If you have a formal CLIC Membership Registration FORM, please use it.  To get a FORM, use this link to CLIC's (other) website at: and click on JOIN CLIC in the menu then on the small text under JOIN CLIC lower on the home page ... or use this direct link  When the FORM appears, scroll to the bottom of the page and hover your cursor near the bottom-center of the page.  A shadow box with four icons will appear.  Click on the right icon to download the CLIC Membership Registration FORM in PDF format.  Print it, complete it manually and mail it, with your check/checque payable to CLIC to the address at the top of the FORM.  If you use a cursor-less computer, when the FORM appears, click on the "Share" icon to print or save the form electronically on your computer.

Send your dues (see amounts below) and contact information:

Name (and Spouse's Name ... or another adult living in your household)
Permanent Home Postal Mailing Address
Zip/Postal Code
Permanent Residence Telephone Number with Area Code
Cell Telephone Number with Area Code (if you have one)
E-Mail Address (if you have one - other back-up e-address if you have one)
The name of the lake you are associated with
Your "lake" 911 Address, Shore/Cove Name & Lake Phone
Lake area Postal Mailing Address (if you receive mail at your lake address)


Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy
Bill Walton, Membership Secretary & Treasurer
28 Snowberry Lane
Orient, ME 04471-4320

Your INITIAL dues payment will be acknowledged via e-mail or in writing.


Categories of CLIC Membership

Based on CLIC’s previous contribution-receipt experience and the financial needs of the organization, the CLIC Board of Directors has established the following annual dues categories.

Annual HOUSEHOLD Membership $25.00
Includes voting memberships for two adults and all dependents living in the CLIC Household are considered members. These fees help cover some of our operational expenses and allow us to count all household occupants as current active members.

Annual Affiliated ORGANIZATION / BUSINESS Membership $35.00
Includes one voting membership. This membership allows parallel thinking organizations and businesses to affiliate with CLIC and receive all our mailings.

Annual BENEFACTOR $100.00
Since January 1, 1999, we have accepted five consecutive annual payments in the amount of $100.00 each, as full payment for LIFE Membership.  Affiliated Organizations and Businesses may become LIFE MEMBERS. In 2017, a total of 102 individual members and one organization have been recognized as LIFE MEMBERS and several more members have established a payment schedule to become LIFE MEMBERS.

Single payment LIFE Membership includes two lifetime voting memberships and one mailing.  This generous commitment to the lake association helps fund stable budgeting and will make the donor and his/her spouse a member of CLIC for their lifetime.  Contributors may earmark the excess amount of their contribution to any of CLIC's Funds which include:

CLIC's Basic Operating Fund

CLIC's restricted SAVE The DAM Fund

CLIC's Fishery Projects Fund

CLIC's Conservation Projects Fund

Please contribute at a level at which you are comfortable.

CLIC's current attention is on the Forest City Dam that controls the level of East Grand Lake, The Thoroughfare, North Lake and Monument Brook.  The owner/operator of that dam has applied to surrender its operating license and to permanently open the spillway gates, thus lowering the level of those impounded waters by more than SIX FEET ... permanently. An off-site website, dedicated to that issue, has been created and an ad hoc working group has been created.  See the top of this page for a link to the SaveEastGrandDam website.  To correspond with the SEGD Working Group, e-mail to:

With the help of dedicated fishermen in the area, CLIC supports various fisheries projects in the Chiputneticook Lakes area.  Suggested fishery projects may be recommended to CLIC's Fishery Commmittee Chairman or to any of CLIC's Board of Directors.

Following the lead of one of CLIC's long time members who made a substantial financial commitment over three years, CLIC's Board of Directors with the ongoing help of area fishermen extended that project into a fourth and fifth year but in 2014, the ME DIF&W withdrew its permit to stock smelt fry in EGL.  
No change has been made to that policy since.

In addition to CLIC's SAVE the DAM and Fisheries Funds, CLIC has formed a Conservation Fund, the principal of which will be spent ONLY on Conservation Projects approved by CLIC's Board of Directors.  Local Conservation Projects may be eligible to receive participation and/or financial support from CLIC's Conservation Fund.  The East Grand Highland Hiking Trail in Danforth and the WWLT Mickey Finn Day have been a recipient of this fund.  Requests for funding should be in writing and addressed to the attention of CLIC's Board of Directors (28 Snowberry Lane, Orient, ME 04471 or

Additional details will be published here as these and other programs are developed. Please consider supporting these CLIC funds by making a financial commitment to these programs ... become a LIFE MEMBER or make a voluntary contribution to CLIC's StD, Fisheries or Conservation Fund by sending your contribution to CLIC's

SAVE the DAM Fund

or to the

Fisheries Enhancement Program

or to the

Chiputneticook Lakes Conservation  Fund

c/o William P. Walton, III, CLIC Treasurer
28 Snowberry Lane
Orient, ME 04471-4320

All checks of $250.00 or more will be acknowledged in writing for IRS purposes...CLIC is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization and all contributions to CLIC are US Income-Tax Deductible.


For more information about deducting your contribution, visit:

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