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Frequently Asked Questions about CLIC

CLIC's area IS large ... we cover a physical area, perhaps forty miles long, from Monument Brook to Vanceboro/St. Croix ... that includes North Lake, The Thoroughfare, East Grand Lake, Mud Lake and Stream, Spednic Lake and Palfrey Lake ... and we have recently included Deering (Longfellow) Lake and Brackett Lake among our member lakes.

Our members naturally diverge when not immediately bound by the entity that is common to us all, mostly because only some are year round residents. Most live away ... from a few miles away (as do many in the Houlton, Canterbury and Woodstock areas) to many miles, coming from not only New Brunswick and Maine and throughout New England and the Middle Atlantic States, but the entire Atlantic Coast to Florida and Loooooosiana and Texas ... and west from as far away as Idaho. California and north into Brittish Columbia, Quebec and Ontario and the Maritime Provinces.

CLIC already represents a wide variety of lake people but potentially should have a substantially larger membership. As of the end of 2017 we represented more than 280 active CLIC Household Memberships and counted more than 580 individuals 
on our membership roll. In 2014, the CLIC Board voted to change to a "HOUSEHOLD" membership base as opposed to requesting dues from individual members. We don't have a high budget so we can keep the annual required dollar contribution level low at $25.00 per year per household (we now list up to two adults and count all individuals in each member-household ... and we think we provide a good value for that contribution. CLIC's policy is never to solicit a higher contribution than the basic amount per household but we do recognize a higher level of contribution ... and many CLICers are very generous. We must be doing something right. More than 100 individual members have become LIFE MEMBERS by having contributed more than $500.00 per household as a single payment or with five or fewer consecutive contributions of $100.00 or more per year.

The association has existed since 1992 and on April 9, 2002 the Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy, Inc. was formed (de Facto) and since that date, the corporation has been recognized by the State of Maine as a non-profit corporation. On January 31, 2003, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service reconized the corporation as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt publicly supported corporation which may accept US tax deductible contributions. Canadian income taxing regulations allow contributions to CLIC as deductions in most cases. CLIC, Inc. is governed by its published
Bylaws and a Board of Directors made up of five to fifteen members who have been elected to three year staggered terms by the general membership. The Directors elect a slate of Officers at it's annual reorganization meeting in September.

CLIC's scope is wide. It's preamble to the Bylaws speaks to:
1) ... achieving proper environmental control of the Chiputneticook Lakes watershed; 2) ... working toward better sporting and recreational use of the area; 3) ... being a single voice for the residents, businesses, camp owners ... transient sportspersons and other users of the watershed in dealing with common interests related to industrial, sporting, recreational and environmental issues. 4) ... cooperating with local, state and/or provincial and federal governmental agencies to advocate for proper legislation, funding or appropriate action to control problems which have now or may in the future arise in connection with any of the above purposes; 5) ... acquiring and managing real and personal property considered necessary and appropriate for the purposes of this Corporation; and 6) ... providing a non-profit organization to assist and encourage contributions from individuals, groups and corporations interested in furthering the purposes of CLIC;

Provided always, however, that: a) No part of the assets or earnings of the Corporation shall inure for the benefit of any member or private individual; b) No compensation in excess of a reasonable allowance for salaries, in consideration for personal services actually rendered, or for reimbursement of actual incurred expenses as specifically determined by the Corporation’s managing authority shall be paid to any member or other private individual; and c) No fees paid by members, or other contributors made to CLIC for general operating purposes, shall be contributed to or otherwise expended in the campaign of any candidate for elective public office, except that the Corporation shall reserve the option to expend funds and/or otherwise carry on activities to provide nonpartisan information to the membership regarding the positions of specific candidates on issues that are deemed important to the purposes, agenda and/or interests of the Corporation.

Although some CLIC households are year-round and others are relatively local to the Chip Lakes, CLIC is made up mostly of vacationers and people who have other interests, including their jobs and families away from the Chip Lake Area. Most CLIC members don't live on the lake and many are in the area only during their (too short) annual vacation. Most members are in close accord with CLIC's goals but don't have much time to volunteer to help accomplish those goals ... and some can only make a monitary contribution and do so willingly. Conversely, a few CLICers spend substantial time at the lake and are willing and able to volunteer their time to further CLIC's purposes. The group of volunteers who make up CLIC's Board of Directors need and want YOUR input and assistance in determining and carrying out future actions. If we don't hear from you, we can't know what you want from CLIC or through CLIC. We have continuously solicited comments and suggestions with our annual contribution requests and have only received a few suggestions over the years, some workable and others not. If you think CLIC should act in a different manner than it has been, say so ... the Board will listen to your concerns and wants to know the feelings and desires of the membership. If you have a suggestion, all you need do is mail it to CLIC, c/o Bill Walton, Membership Chairman, 28 Snowberry Lane, Orient, ME 04471 USA ... or e-mail it to CLICtreasurer<AT>

To some, it appears that CLIC is an American, northern East Grand Lake clique (and I'm sure that that homonyn has come up many times) only interested in northern East Grand, forgetting the lower end as well as our magnificent sister lakes, Spednic, Palfrey, North, Mud, Deering and Brackett  and their connecting waterways and contributaries.
A great preponderence of CLIC members own property on the northern part of East Grand Lake ... just look at the tight distribution of camps along the northern shore. There are many more camps per shoreline foot on northern East Grand than almost any other section of any of the Chiputneticook Lakes. The Board would really like to see a substantial membership growth from the rest of EGL and especially would like to see more members from the southern Spednic area and more Canadian representation, especially from North Lake, Fosterville, Greenland Mountain - the Balm of Gilead, Pemberton Ridge and Forest City, NB. Really, the potential size of CLIC membership is huge and CLIC could be a VERY STRONG VOICE IF more friends-of-the-lakes affiliate with us on an annual basis.

Surely a strong CLIC is one way to give voice to common concerns ... and changes ARE coming. Just look at the Protected Area Strategy issues on Spednic and the changes in the forest and paper industries ... look at the increase in value of lake frontage property and all the frontage formerly controlled by the Wagner management company, now owned by The Conservation Fund some of which has been conveyed to the State of Maine.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Conservation Fund (TCF) has recently sold about 7,000 acres in Orient to the State of Maine.  It's remaining (5,000 acres) in Weston are currently in limbo.  TCF has stated (through deed covenants) that it all these properties will continue to be available for public use.

All the Membership Committee needs is a committment (a $25.00 annual contribution per household) and a way to contact the interested adult(s) ... a mailing address, a phone number or better, an e-mail address. If you know someone who wants to JOIN CLIC, have them send a check and their contact info to "CLIC, Inc." c/o Bill Walton, Membership Secretary, 28 Snowberry Lane, Orient, ME 04471-4320 and he'll do the rest. If you want to pony up and SPONSOR a new member, YOU can send a check on their behalf, along with a way for us to contact them (to develop the proper membership information). Finally, if you want to merely PROPOSE a new member, snail-mail or e-mail their name and address to the Membership Secretary and he'll send them an invitation to join. A CLIC membership would be a neat Christmas Gift for a "lake-o-phile" child away at college or a brother or sister who doesn't now get our communications ... and that will also help CLIC's member count.

Prospective CLIC member-households who have never been affiliated with CLIC can join CLIC at any time.  If we receive a membership contribution prior to our Annual Meeting (without any explanation or comment) we assume that the donor is contributing for the current year that will end on the next December 31st and accordingly we send an annual membership contribution request (as we do to all other members) about March or April of the next year.
If we receive a first contribution from a new member at or after our Annual Meeting, we credit that contribution to the following year and count that person as paid-up for the remainder of the current year and all the next year. Although we used to, we no longer accept dues paid in advance. If a member contributes more than the basic dues amount, we accept it with thanks, and place the excess of his contribution in any of CLIC's funds that he determines.  In addition to its daily Operating Fund, CLIC maintains a Fisheries Project Fund, a Conservation Projects Fund
and a restricted SAVE the Dam Fund. Funds in excess of annual dues received without direction from the contributor, default to our Operating Fund.

It behooves CLIC to maintain a large membership, i.e. it's good for ALL our members if we represent many friends-of-the-lake as opposed to only a few. We need to have as a goal that we be an INclusive organization as opposed to being an EXclusive organization and necessarily then, we must be able to listen to and represent (read that, perhaps, as "re-present") a wide variety of ideas and opinions about our goals for the lakes as opposed to having narrow viewpoints and limited goals ... and that's not an easy task.

In trying to represent all members, CLIC must be willing and able to deal not only with individual members and contributing organizations, but also with many local (municipal) governments on both sides of the border, with two state/provincial governments, two federal governments and all their internal departments, bureaus, commissions, agencies, committees, etc. etc ... and even two sets of federal agencies who's charge is (at least, sometimes, it appears to be) to keep us apart, i.e., The US Department of Homeland Security and its Customs and Border Patrol branches and the Canadian Border Services Agency ... in other words, customs and immigration from both countries.
In addition, we need to be able to deal with a wide diversity of opinion among our own members, e.g., some like to jet-ski and others dislike the noise and disturbance so much that they'd ban all jet skis; some want rocks marked and others don't want the natural beauty of the area marred with a miriad of clorox bottles; some want strict enforcement and more restrictive laws and others want more freedom, some want high water levels and some want more flow in the streams and rivers ... and no one opinion is wrong or right ... they're just different and CLIC has to be sensitive to all.

Participate!!! Attend CLIC social affairs and meetings especially the Annual Meeting, usually in July and always in the Chiputneticook Lakes area. Make thoughtful suggestions in person to a Board member, or by snail-mail c/o Bill Walton, 28 Snowberry Lane, Orient, ME 04471.  

Request to be named to a CLIC committee in an area of interest to you,

... and most importantly, EVANGELIZE for CLIC ... develop new memberships,

... talk to people about joining CLIC ... give CLIC memberships to anyone who might be interested ... ask your lake neighbors to JOIN CLIC.

"... many are in the area only during their (too short) annual vacation."  THAT'S ME, ALL RIGHT, MY VACATION IS ALL TOO SHORT ... CAN I HELP CLIC FINANCIALLY?

CLIC's dues are now (2018) a basic $25.00 per household per year (up to two named adults and all other adults and kids living in that household are counted as CLIC members) but we do recognize that many members want to help financially and are in just this situation. (All higher rates of contribution are appreciated and CLIC views all such contributions as voluntary.) CLIC allows contributors to earmark the excess (over annual dues) toward any of its ancillary funds, either Fishery Projects or Conservation Projects. Additionally we recognize annual Business and Organization Memberships at $35.00, annual Benefactors of $100.00 or more and LIFE MEMBERS who have contributed a total of $500.00 (as a household) in a single payment. (Starting in 1999, we've recognized members making five (5) consecutive $100.00 annual contributions as LIFE MEMBERS after the completion of their fifth contribution. As of 2017, CLIC has 61 LIFE MEMBERSHIPS (representing more than 109 individuals) and currently, several more members are paying annually toward their LIFE membership.) All cash donations made to CLIC, since April 12, 2002 are US tax deductible both in the US and Canada.

CLIC wants to be an inclusive organization and wants to represent as many "lake households" as possible ... CLIC is an organization FOR the people of the lake, not OF certain lake people. CLIC is YOUR lake association and we want YOU to gain from CLIC's activities. Although it is necessary that member-households make an annual contribution to help pay CLIC's obligations (and stay on CLIC's active rolls and mailing list), we welcome participation in most of our activities and events from our neighbors and occasional guests ... certainly with the hope that they see value in being a CLIC member and will become an active member. You must be an active CLIC member to vote, receive CLIC mail and to attend CLIC's Board of Director's meetings but everyone is welcome to MOST of CLIC's other activities including our Annual Meeting and various outdoor activities and occasional contests.

On January 31, 2003, the IRS Director of Exempt Orgaizations issued an
advance ruling letter recognizing CLIC, Inc. as a publicly supported US 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization as described under sections 509 (a) (1) and 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) for a period of almost five years. Since then CLIC has been recognized officially as a publicly supported US tax-exempt corporation, US and CAN donors of charitable gifts may treat their gifts as being made to a tax exempt charitable organization. CLIC will formally recognize, in writing, all cash gifts received in amounts of $250.00 or more and will properly document all accepted donations of goods or property other than cash. CLIC reserves the right not to accept certain donated property or other gifted items. Other than cash, the responsibility to assign a value to the items donated rests with the donor.
Membership dues and payments are considered to be cash gifts. Quid Pro Quo payments of greater than $75.00 will be acknowledged with an appropriate statement of the value of the goods or services received by the donor.

Enjoy the Chiputneticook Lakes ... enjoy a CLIC membership ... and thanks for your interest.


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