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For MANY years, CLIC has sponsored a program of hatching and husbanding landlocked salmon eggs in several local grammar school classrooms(Danforth, Hodgdon, Houlton and most recently at the Maliseet School) and ultimately releasing those small salmon into East Grand Lake.

In addition to providing the classroom equipment and coordinating with the ME DIF&W Fish Hatchery in Grand Lake Stream, CLIC hosts all classes (kids and teachers) at a fish fry release day and picnic at The Throughfare in Orient during May.  The kids count out and release their hatched salmon fry and assist the DIF&W biologists as they release yearling salmon (@ 6"- 8") into East Grand Lake.  Here are a few pictures of the 2016 event:

CLIC Salmon Release Food Tent

Fish Tank Kids

School kids and their tote of hatched LLS fry


Hatched landlocked salmon (LLS) fry to be released

Yearling LLS to be stocked

Some of the yearling LLS to be stocked by ME DIF&W

Hot Dog Eaters

Preparing Lunch

CLIC thanks members Jason and Julia Quigley (and sons) for hosting today's outing at their camp in Orient.  Photos courtesy of Julia Quigley.

Fisheries Committee Chairman: Peter Chase
- If you are interested in volunteering to serve on this committee, please contact Pete or any of CLIC's Directors.

The CLIC Fisheries Committee supports Catch and RELEASE Fishing.

The CLIC Fishing Committee has completed four years of a  Smelt Fry Stocking Project, the result being to try to reestablish a viable smelt population in East Grand Lake (which has been suffering since the illegal introduction of landlocked alewives several years ago. This project has involved the purchase and release of about EIGHT MILLION Smelt Fry in the springs of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The 2014 stocking of Smelt Fry was stopped by the ME DIF&W and there is little hope that there will be a change in that policy in future years.

A generous CLIC LIFE Member, Jeff Bursaw, has contributed $5,000.00 per year for the first three years to help underwrite the project ... but we need some more funds for ancillary expenses and we need YOUR HELP.

Anyone interested in helping should contact any of the CLIC Fisheries Committee or write to the committee (address below) or e-mail to the CLIC Treasurer. All Smelt Fry and Fisheries Project  contributions are being banked separately from CLIC's operating accounts.

In addition to your help (both physical and financial), we invite you to JOIN CLIC.

Contributions to the Smelt Fry Stocking Project or any other CLIC sponsored fisheries project may be made to:

CLIC - Fisheries Fund
c/o Bill Walton, Treasurer
28 Snowberry Lane
Orient, ME 04471-4320

Please mark "CLIC Fisheries Projects" on the memo line of your check.

Return to CLIC's Home Page to learn how to JOIN CLIC.

Read more about the project here SMELT FRY STOCKING PROJECT

In 2009, CLIC's instituted a Petition Drive to have two Maine DIF&W regulations changed to allow a fisherman to tend TWO LINES and to fish through the ice at night for Cusk

Perhaps as a direct result of that petition drive, the Maine DIF&W will allow fishermen to troll two lines on East Grand Lake (only) starting in the spring of 2012.  In addition the daily closing times for fishing on East Grand Lake has been extended to two hours before and two hours after sunset (but you still can't fish overnight).  Please check the NEW Fishing Rule Book published in the spring of 2015 for other fishing regulation changes ... and there are some limit changes for EGL.

In 2015, the ME DIF&W opened both Spednic Lake and North Lake to fishing (trolling) with two lines per fisherman

Two line fishing in Canadian Waters is still prohibited.  Be sure that you know WHERE you are fishing.

East Grand Lake
Salmon, Togue and Brook Trout Stocking History

Resource: Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

YEAR >Year of release - Spring as SY unless indicated differently (October as FF)
SPECIES >> LLS = Land Locked Salmon; BKT = Brook Trout; LT = Lake Trout/Togue
COUNT >> Approximate number of fish released
TYPE/AGE >> SY = Spring yearling (larger); FF = Fall Fingerling (smaller)
SIZE >> in “inches” through 1974 and then in “average number of fish per pound
FINS CLIPPED >> B = Adipose Fin - Dorsal fin in front of the tail;
E = LEFT Ventral fin in the middle of the body;
F = RIGHT Ventral fin in the middle of the body

(See the diagram at the bottom of this page for a description of fin designations.)
STRAIN >> West Grand [LLSalmon] • Sebago [LLSalmon] • MHS [BrooKTrout]

Gordon "Nels" Kramer, Fisheries Biologist, Enfield, Maine covers East Grand Lake and north Gordon.Kramer<AT>
Rick Jordan, Regional Chief Fisheries Biologist, Machais, Maine covers Spednic Lake and south.




Type - Age


Fins Clipped


1961 LLS 21,000 SY 2-4"    
1962 LLS 10,500 SY 4-6"    
  BKT 10,000 SY 4-6"    
1963 LLS 20,000 SY 4-6"    
1964 LLS 23,800 SY 4-6"    
  BKT 9,700 SY 6-8"    
1965 LLS 10,000 SY 4-6"    
1966 LLS 21,000 SY 4-6"    
1967 LLS 21,000 SY 4-6"    
1968 LLS 21,000 SY 4-6"    
1969 LLS 32.300 SY 4-6"    
1970 LLS 34,000 SY 4-6"    
1971 LLS 10,000 SY 4-6"    
  LT 10,000 SY 4-6"    
1972 LLS 16,500 SY 4-6"    
  LT 16,000 SY 4-6"    
1973 LLS 33,000 SY 4-6"    
  LT 10,000 SY 4-6"    
1974 LLS 25,000 SY 4-6"    
1975 LLS 24,000 SY small 16.1/#    
1976 LLS 24,900 SY 9.5/#    
  LT 30,000 SY 25.1/# v. sm.    
1977 LLS 12,000 SY small 16.5/#    
1978 LLS 24,000 SY small 11.5/#    
1979 LLS 24,000 SY 9.1/# E&F WGRAND
1980 LLS 24,000 SY 6.5/# F WGRAND
1981 LLS 16,000 SY 8.0/# B WGRAND
1982 LLS 16,000 SY 9.0/# NONE WGRAND
1983 LLS 16,000 SY 7.0/# NONE WGRAND
1984 LLS 16,200 SY 6.3/# NONE WGRAND
1985 LLS 19,100 SY 7.7/# NONE WGRAND
1986 LLS 20,600 SY 6.4/# NONE WGRAND
1987 LLS 18,800 SY large 5.2/# NONE SEBAGO
1988 LLS 20,000 SY 8.2/# F WGRAND
1989 LLS 19,100 SY 6.9/# B WGRAND
1990 LLS 16,600 SY 6.6/# E WGRAND
1991 LLS 15,000 SY 8.2/# E&F WGRAND
1992 LLS 12,400 SY 7.1/# F WGRAND
1993 LLS 14,800 SY   B WGRAND
1994 LLS 14,300 SY   NONE WGRAND
1995 LLS 14,300 SY   NONE WGRAND
1996 LLS 14,300 SY   F WGRAND
1997 LLS 14,700 SY   B  
1998 LLS 14,000 SY   E WGRAND
  BKT 3,900 FF   NONE MHS
1999 LLS 12,000 SY   E&F WGRAND
  BKT 4,000 SY   E&B  
  BKT 5,000 FF   E&F  
2000 LLS 12,000     F  
  BKT 6,000     NONE  
  BKT 8,096     F  
2001 LLS 12,000   6-8" B  
  BKT 9,000   4-8" B & NONE  
2002 LLS 8,000   6-8" E  
  BKT 3,000 FF 6-8" E&B Kennebago
2003 LLS 12,000 SY 6-8" E&F  
  BKT 5000 FF 6-8" E&F  
2004 LLS 12000 SY 6-8" F  
  BKT 5000 FF 8-10" F  
2005 LLS 12000 SY ? ?  
  BKT 5000 FF ? ?  
2006 LLS 10000   6-8"    
  BKT 10700   6-14"    
2007 LLS          
2008 LLS 6000   6-8"    
  BKT 8100        
2009 LLS 6000   6-8"    
  BKT 5000+        
2010 LLS 6000      
  Rainbow Smelt > 2 Million   Fry   Maine Smelt Hatchery
2011 LLS          
  Rainbow Smelt > 2 Million   Fry      Maine Smelt Hatchery
2012 LLS  4500    8"    
  BkT  1800    8" & 13"    
  Rainbow Smelt  > 3 Million   Fry    Maine Smelt Hatchery

Note how the number of salmon that are stocked has been steadily decreasing since 1988.

Obtain a Creel Logging Book from the State of Maine, complete and return it.


Fin Clips

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