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Magnificent Sunrise. - Photo by Heather Walton

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“We share an appreciation for the values which brought each of us to the shores of the Chiputneticooks. Our ideas and preferences change, from time to time, but the common threads and highest values continue to hold our interest. If CLIC can make any contribution toward protecting our heritage, improving it or simply making it more interesting by encouraging the interaction of people who might otherwise pass as strangers in boats, then the price of admission will have been a true bargain!” Bob Foster

WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO. We’re advocates for those "in" and around the Upper St. Croix River Basin waterway, the five Chiputneticook Lakes, North, East Grand, Mud, Spednic and Palfrey.

On a warm, summer evening in 1992, two men sat on a porch, overlooking East Grand Lake, talking about how lucky they were to have such a great place to spend their free time. One was a Canadian and one an American, and they both loved to fish, especially on East Grand. It was obvious to both of them that for some unknown reasons, the salmon fishing was very poor. Most of the salmon they caught were under fourteen inches, and it wasn’t getting any better. After some discussion they decided to try and do something about it. They called a couple of other friends and suggested that if they formed a “lake association” it could give some “power to the people” and get some action from the fishery authorities. The problems we could see that needed attention back in 1992, are still with us today, although surely, we have made good progress in several important areas and the fishing HAS gotten better.

Fishery – A dialogue was begun with fisheries people from both New Brunswick and Maine, and without a doubt the situation has improved. Larger salmon are now being caught (a couple of eight pounders through the ice in 1998). More importantly, state and provincial officials know that many people are concerned about Spednic, East Grand, and North Lakes, and they in turn, are paying more attention to the fish population in all the lakes.

Water Quality – Monitoring water clarity and quality has become an ongoing effort for CLIC members. We have a network of lake users who help monitor water conditions monthly.

Regulation Enforcement – We saw a need for an emphasis on certain types of boating, fishing, and customs enforcement at various times in past years, and when the directors and committee chairs contacted the proper agencies and made our views known, we have most often seen positive results.

Water Levels – As anyone who has been around East Grand or Spednic knows, water levels are a common topic of conversation which often widens to include dam ownership, operations, and licensing . . . a very controversial subject that we all have our own ideas about. We now communicate with the Woodland Pulp (formerly Domtar) dam supervisor in our efforts to represent all the users of the watershed and their unique needs.

CLIC is the local grassroots organization leading the fight to SAVE The DAM in Forest City and preserve the "normal" water levels in East Grand Lake, The Thoroughfare, North Lake and Monument Brook ... and all local contributory streams and brooks.

Join Us! While these comments are only a small sample of what we are truly concerned about, "our cause” today, could be “your cause” tomorrow. We want to act as a larger “body” of concerned lake users when the need arises. Please join the CLIC Family. YOU and YOURS are welcome!

If you have a formal CLIC Membership Registration FORM, please use it.  To get a CLIC Membership Registration FORM, use this link
When the FORM appears, scroll to the bottom of the page and hover your cursor near the bottom, center of the page.  A shadow box with four icons will magically appear.  Click on the right icon to download the CLIC Membership Registration FORM in PDF format, print it, complete it manually and mail it, with your check/checque payable to CLIC to the address at the top of the FORM.  If you use a cursor-less computer, when the FORM appears, click on the form and on the "Share" icon to print or save the form electronically on your computer.  Then you'll have to figger out how to print it.

If you don’t have a FORM,
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...along with $25.00 (per member HOUSEHOLD ... or $35.00 to register a Business or Organization.  Household Membership includes up to two named adults and all children and other adults in the household).
make your check payable to "CLIC"... as your first year dues contribution. Payment may be made in Canadian funds by Canadian residents.

...or YOU may choose one of the other Categories of CLIC Membership
($25.00 per household of up to two named adults and all other adults and children in one HOUSEHOLD    OR   
($35.00 per entity - one named adult per BUSINESS or ORGANIZATION    OR    five consecutive annual payment of $100.00 each or $500.00 in one sum for a LIFE Membership) and name a second voting member ... all who reside in the LIFE MEMBER'S Household are counted as CLIC Members.

CLIC's membership is open to all who are interested in the Chiputneticook Lakes of northeastern Maine and western New Brunswick.  You need NOT own property in the area of the Chiputneticook Lakes to BE A MEMBER OF CLIC.

c/o Bill Walton, Membership Secretary & Treasurer
28 Snowberry Lane
Orient, ME 04471-4320

e-mail questions and comments to: CLICtreasurer <AT>

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