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Welcome  to

Bill Walton's
Cedar Log Carvings of Maine

Bill Walton, 
The Snowberry Lane Atelier
28 Snowberry Lane, Orient, ME • 04471-4320

Landline 207-448-7758 - Please leave a message if no one answers ... or use my cell phone.

Cell 207-538-5459 - Please DO NOT leave a message on my cell but rather call again at a later time.

or send an e-mail to:   BillWaltonOrient@aol.com

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I am in Maine year around.  Please don't hesitate to contact me via my cell phone or by e-mail if you have any questions about purchasing any of my decorative LOGS.  

I have a small inventory of some common carvings and am willing to attempt other custom projects.  SPECIAL CARVING PROJECTS may include fireplace stools, cheese melting logs or almost any other custom cedar log project that the purchaser and I agree on.

No packaging or shipping fee is charged if the purchaser receives his logs at the carver's shop in Orient, Maine.
No Maine State Sales Tax is applicable on products shipped or delivered by CLC outside the State of Maine.  

My carvings are all done on native Eastern White Cedar that is usually harvested from my own property in northeastern Maine.  

All logs are finished with three coats of clear satin varnish (unless they are ordered "in the raw" ... i.e unvarnished).

The coloration of my carvings is either in ink (Sharpie Pen), wood stains (Cabot) or acrylic paints ... or they are not colored.

Lampshades and some lamp parts, Maine Sales Tax, packaging, shipping and insurance are additional.

CLC products currently include:


Fireplace Log carvings are oriented horizontally and are intended to be placed in a fireplace during the summer (non-burning season).  Usually two or five uncarved, varnished logs are used to support a carved log in a fireplace.  (These carved fireplace logs can also be displayed on a mantle or on the side of the fireplace during the winter.  See MANTLE LOG CARVINGS, below.)

Horizontal Carved Logs are priced between $200.00 and $450.00 depending on the intricacy of the carving itself, the application and type of coloration and any special shaping required.  Packaging, shipping and insurance costs and Maine State Sales Tax is additional.

See more photos of Cedar Log Carvings at:

Loon #2 in Fireplace
Large Common Loon Fireplace Log - $225.00

Streamer Fly Mantle or Fireplace Log - $200.00
(Two supporting summer fireplace logs are sold separately at $95.00 per pair)

9-3 Streamer Fly Log

9-3 Pattern Streamer Fly Mantle or Fireplace Log - $200.00

Grey Ghost Fly

Grey Ghost Streamer Fly
Other Streamer Fly Patterns are available by Custom Order

If you have a two-sided (see through) fireplace that you enjoy from rooms on both sides of the fireplace, I can carve a second figure on the opposite side of your log.  It can be the same or a different carving ... and the carved log won't cost double, :-)

(2)  FULL SIZE uncarved Fireplace SUPPORT LOGS

Full size fireplace support logs are finished and protected with three coats of varnish
(unless ordered "in the raw").  

Two Fireplace Support Logs (for small fireplaces) are $150.00 per pair, plus individual log packaging, shipping, insurance and Maine State Sales Tax

Five full size fireplace support logs
(for large fireplaces) are varnished with three coats of varnish: two layers of uncarved bottom logs for a large fireplace ... three bottom and two middle logs) are $230.00 per five, plus individual log packaging, shipping, insurance and Maine State Sales Tax

Two Uncarved supporting bottom logs for a small fireplace.

Two Fireplace Support Logs

Support logs often have more man-made blemishs than do the carved logs, but the support logs can be turned to show their best side in a fireplace ... see such marks on the front log in the photo above. Please contact Bill Walton to discuss details such as individual log packaging, shipping and insurance options and Maine State Sales Tax.


Mantle Log carvings are oriented horizontally and are intended to be displayed on a mantle with two short, shaped, uncarved, varnished cradle logs which are sold separately ... see below.  These mantle logs can be used for double duty in the summer fireplace with an appropriate number of full size support logs.  (See SUMMER FIREPLACE LOGS and full size support logs, above.)  Mantle Log Carvings are priced between $200.00 and $450.00 depending on the intricacy of the carving itself, the application and type of coloration and any special shaping required.  Packaging, shipping and insurance costs and Maine State Sales Tax are additional.

Mantle Piece with Supporting Logs Pine Trees - Natural Color

Streamer Fly Mantle Piece Log - $200.00 and Maine Forest (uncolored) Mantle Piece Log - $200.00
(The two shaped supporting short mantle logs are sold separately at $90.00 per pair - see below.)

Painted  Maine Forest

Maine Forest Mantle Log - $250.00  Supporting Logs are not included.

Flying Grouse Log   Shadowed Flying Grouse Closeup

Ruffed Grouse in flight (large mantle or fireplace log) - $400.00.
These two photos are of the same carving ... but under different lighting conditions to show carving details.

Loon Log 3

Commmon Loon Mantle Log - $225.00  
Supporting Logs are not included ... see below.

(4)  Short uncarved MANTLE SUPPORT LOGS

The two short mantle support logs (in each photo above) are varnished with three coats of varnish (unless ordered "in the raw").  Two short mantle support logs are $90.00 per pair, plus packaging, shipping, insurance and Maine State Sales Tax.


Chairside standing logs are carved for vertical use either with either a flat top or shaped to accept a glass ash tray for pipe or cigar.  The carving sizes are usually slightly smaller and are usually of differently shaped subjects than are horizontal carvings.  Chairside Stand  Logs cost between $200.00 and $465.00

Hollowed Vertical Log   Ash Tray - Vertical Log

Standing Piece with Hollow and with glass Ash Tray

Fall Leaf Chairside Stand Log - $400.00 
Displayed horizontally here, to show carving details.

Chairside Stand with small pattern Flying Ruffed Grouse with Ash Tray
Photo coming soon


These carved and decorated logs make beautiful rustic lamps and are nessarily made from smaller logs. These lamps are sold with basic lamp hardware installed (drilled with electrical wire and wall plug, three-way bulb receptacle and a harp base.  Carved Cedar Log Lamps cost between $295.00 and $430.00 (not including a shade, harp, finial and bulb).

Decorated shades are commonly available to all purchasers in all local areas and in so many different sizes and shapes and colors and at prices commensurate with the decoration chosen.  I recommend that you purchase your own shade, an appropriately sized harp to fit the shade you choose, a finial and a 3-way bulb... and the bulbs are too fragile to be packed and shipped).

Grouse Feather Lamp with Leaf Shade

Grouse Feather Lamp - $295.00  
Note the
colored Fall Leaf design applied to the inside of the shade.
Shade if available and appliques are sold separately.

Jumping Fish Lamp & Shade
Jumping Fish Lamp - $355.00
Note the fish design applied to the inside of the shade.
Shade, if available, and appliques are sold separately.

This Jumping Fish carved lamp has been sold but I'm planning on carving another, soon.

Drumming Grouse Lamp

Hand painted and varnished Drumming Ruffed Grouse lamp - $430.00 (shown with a Fall Leaf Silhouette Lampshade - shade not included - A larger shade would be more appropriate for this size log carving.  This particular carved lamp was donated as an auction prize to the WWLT in 2016.

Deer Antler Lamp

Deer with Antler Lamp - $405.00 - The shade is not included.
Because of the natural formation of the branch (antler) this lamp is one-of-a-kind.


Hummingbird Ash Tray- $190.00

Hummingboard Ash Tray

(8) Miscellaneous Carved Items

Hearth-side Stool - $235.00
Photo coming soon

(9)  Uncarved CEDAR LOG Display Disks

Seven Finished Cookies

Slices of logs, 4" to 8" thick make fine display stands ... the edges are chamfered. the ends are sanded and the slices (cookies) are varnished with three coats of clear satin varnish.  Prices depend on the number and size of the cookies as varnishing and sanding the ends is substantially more work.  Cookies thinner than 4" are not recommended because they have a tendency to split all the way across and you end up with two pieces.
A minimum number of slices must be ordered.

See more photos of Cedar Log Carvings at:

The total cost of each
displayed carved and decorated Cedar Log depends on 1) the individual carving that you choose, 2) the type of decoration you choose (if any), 3) any special shaping requested and to some degree, 4) the size of the log you choose.

A packaging charge, the actual shipping and insurance charges (if any) and Maine State Sales Tax (if your logs are delivered in Maine) are additional to any log price displayed.

Cedar Logs
range from $175.00 to $450.00
Special Shaping of Logs may include:
Bottom planing (so the log won't roll).
Top of a vertical or horizonal log hollowed/cupped ... or shaped for an ash tray
Candle Holes drilled (specify number and diameter of holes).


All logs are varnished (three coats - semi-gloss finish) unless ordered differently - No additional cost.

Natural Finish - No Stain, Ink or Paint applied - No additional cost. 

Color Applied (Stain, Ink or Acrylic Paint) $50.00 to $100.00

The Finish charge depends on the complexity and mode of the decoration. For carvings with  no colorizing (e.g. the uncolored Pine Forest carving (pictured above) has no color applied ... there is no "finish" charge ... but it has been varnished.  All other carvings have been painted, stained or otherwise decorated to enhance their appearance.

The charge for colorization is included in the price of log carvings displayed on this site.

LOG Facts

All logs are of Eastern White Cedar and they are stripped of bark, washed, lightly sanded and varnished prior to shipment (unless ordered "in the raw" i.e., unvarnished).

All logs have had limb stumps/holes cleaned and sanded flush, their ends slightly chamfered and mechanically sanded. The ends of cedar logs remain quite rough even after having been sanded and varnished.
ALL Log Diameters are RANDOM ... the longer the log, usually, the larger the diameter.  The customer may specify the length of a custom carved log and may request a specific diameter.  

Cedar Logs are usually 22" to 28" in length.  
28" is Maximum Standard Shipping Length.
Logs longer than 28" require special packaging with         higher-than-normal shipping costs.

Both carved and uncarved cedar logs usually develop lengthwise cracks/splits as they age and dry. All logs may have natural or man-made imperfections and blemishes including spots of mildew ... many "support" logs have scars from a mechanical harvester.


Packaging (for shipment) is $10.00 per standard size log or smaller.  

Because of the size and weight of these logs, actual shipping costs, insurance fees and special handling costs (if any) are not included in the prices shown on this website.  I am prepared to ship via any of the following carriers: USPS/Parcel Post is cheapest and slowest, UPS or FedEx.
Insurance is recommended on all shipments by common carrier.

The average cost to ship a single log to New England and the Middle Atlantic States
is usually under $26.00 and is higher to more distant destinations.

Designs and Patterns

The following patterns and designs that are shown in bold face have been developed and are available. Designs and patterns in plain face are planned and are potentially available. In these photos, the angle of the camera to the piece may distort the shape of the actual carving or may distort the color of the finished piece.  NOTE: Flash reflections may appear in some photos.  Notice the flying grouse mantle piece carving, above, to understand what I mean.
Custom patterns and designs may be submitted by the purchaser but are subject to acceptance by the carver.  Custom carvings will require a non-refundable deposit.

See more photos of Cedar Log Carvings at:

Chickadee (Ink and Stain)

Common Loon
Ruffed Grouse - Flying or Drumming
Woodcock - photo coming soon

Ducks - On the Water or in Flight - Various Species
Blue Jay


Various Species


Grouse Tail Feather
Blue Jay Tail Feather


Jumping Landlocked Salmon
Swimming Landlocked Salmon


Grey Ghost and 9-3 Streamer Fly
Other Fishing Fly patterns are possible

Fall Leaf

The Fall Leaf carving (see above) is on three levels - the leaf is folded twice, up from the bottom then down. Although pictured in a horizonal position, this log is actually a 27" tall Chairside Stand with a hollowed top end ... but it could be used as a long fireplace log.

Maple or Moosewood Leaf
Oak Leaf with Acorns
Pine Cone and Needles
Cat Tails

Deer Head - Photo coming soon




Wyeth's Christina (lamp) ... see photo above    

Other carvings may be arranged by custom order
Font Shape, Size, Character Overlap

See more photos of Cedar Log Carvings at:

Maine Sales Tax

For Direct Sales in Maine and shipments to Maine addresses I am required to collect 5.5% Maine State Sales Tax on the price of the log, the carving, special shaping, color decoration and packaging.  There is no sales tax on the charges for insurance or shipping.  Carved logs may be picked up from my shop except during several winter months.  Please phone me to discuss details.

Payment Methods

Sorry, this website is not capable of allowing you to order these carvings online.  Best is to phone or e-mail the carver (see my info at the top of this page) and we can discuss any question you have along with the shipping details for one of these carvings, or your custom carved design ... and appropriate payment and time arrangements.

Payment methods include:  

2a) a Personal or Business Check drawn on a Maine Bank
2b) a Personal or Business Check drawn on a Bank not established in Maine
3) a Bank, Western Union or Postal Money Order
a Credit Card Transaction through
PayPal.  (You may use a credit card if you have (or establish) a PayPal account ... visit:  www.paypal.com for more information.)  
5) A direct transfer of funds from your bank to my bank account can be arranged but a bank fee may be charged by both banks that you will be responsible for.

William P. Walton, III - 2011 - All Rights Reserved

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