Even though the New England Patriots have had an
18-game-almost-perfect 2007-08 season, with deepest condolence and in an effort to be helpful, we offer to our many Patriot Fan friends, a favorite and most tasty post-superbowl recipe
(for losers).

18 & 0 Patriots lose 2008 Championship Game to Jersey's Giants.

A Tried and True Recipe for

Avian Delight

a special

New England Post-Superbowl Stir-Fry
(This recipe may be stretched to serve up to 12)

Obtain a pair of skinless crow breasts (there ain't much meat on the legs)

Trim all gristle and fat from the meat

Cut each breast into thin strips lengthwise and then across the grain into very small pieces

Marinate three days or more in equal portions of Dark Soy, Worchestershire and Tabasco Sauce

Drain and coat well with honey just before cooking

Heat one cup of Sesame Oil in a wok and stir-fry til crispy

Remove from the wok, drain and douse with a copious amount of Fish Sauce

Serve on toast points garnished with green olives

The left-over marinade may be used as a dipping sauce.

Speaking from personal experience, properly prepared, marinated, cooked and sauced, the TASTE isn't too bad but the meat is extremely tough and remains hard to swallow no matter how it's served...or how little you eat.


Giants fan anticipated losing a wager and purchased a B Hat,


...but has modified it to fit his needs and he can now wear it with pride.





...and how about dem GIANTS ?


...by the way, it's easier to swallow the crispy Crow Bits if you wash them down with ample gulps of ale ... Sam Adams brand is permitted.

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