The top image on this page is a copy of the 2005 version of Bill Walton's "Snowsled Trails between Houlton and Danforth" drawing.
A newer version is available on paper.

To purchase a color copy on 11" x 17" paper, contact Bill Walton at the e-address given below.
Due to HTML programming restrictions, this web-based .jpg file, a web based reproduction of the original computer generated drawing is quite fuzzy. An original computer-driven printout on paper is very sharp.

Actual drawing sizes - 11" x 17" above - 11 x 8 1/2" below - BOTH ORIGINALS are in color.

This is a copy of Bill Walton's "Orient to Forest City Snowsled Trails" Drawing.

Because the original file is as large as it is and due to HTML programming requirements, this low resolution b&w web based .gif drawing is quite fuzzy and dull. An original computer-driven color printout is very sharp and clear and quite colorful. The drawing at the top of this web page is a higher resolution .jpg file and the original is as much better than that.

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