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Stand-Alone Website Design and Maintenance

Inexpensive subWeb Page Design and Hosting

The FORM King...Professionally Designed Paper Forms

Database Design for Macintosh Computers


Informative Stand-Alone WEBSITES

As an "advanced novice" in building web sites, I aim at building non-glitzy informative web sites. I don't do "frames" with a lot of graphics, colors or bells and whistles because that kind of page has a tendency to have broken links and dead ends and they're often hard to navigate for the average browser who is looking for information...sometimes, even for veteran web surfers. If the information isn't there in the first place, you won't be able to find it no matter how pretty the site is.

A website has three important purposes...identification of the source, providing information to the reader and fostering interaction between the two...those are what I aim at when I design a website.

The most complete website that I have built is which contains more than 70 pages of funeral home related information and is the site for my former business, the Ocean Grove Memorial Home in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. If you visit it, you will not find any bells and whistles but you will find a lot of good, accurate funeral information...that's what I think a website should primarily provide...usable information.

My newest stand alone websites are which is still under development (by the committee method which takes a little longer).

In addtion to these sites, I have built my own "play" site, along with it's several subwebs.

If you want a simple straight-forward web site, talk to me...the talking part is free. See the bottom of this page about how to contact me.


...and Inexpensive SubWEB Pages

Not every organization or business needs a full website with it's own (often expensive) domain, but in today's world, a web "presence" is becoming a necessity for any organization who wants to "get the word out" even if to a limited group, say, of it's own members.

In addition to the basic information composing the site itself, I provide an inexpensive web presence for CLIC, the Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy, Inc. (13 pages), the Wayside Skeet Club (15 pages), the Princeton Rod and Gun Club (2 pages), the East Grand Snowmobile Club (1 page), and the Calais Rod & Gun Club (1 page). The one disadvantage to obtaining a web presence in the "subWeb" mode is that the URL (internet address) is necessarily long
...but Google can find these pages quite easily.

If you are interested in arranging for a subWeb "site," you should know that all the links on my hosted subWeb pages are guaranteed to work...because I hire a service to check them weekly. Although this site is recognized by Google and other search engines, it is necessarily the responsibility of the subWeb purchaser to publicize his "site" and distribute its URL. Once you establish a web presence, you should add its address to all your papers and handouts.

You can realize your own inexpensive internet presence on the WWW for as little as $100.00 per year with up to two subWeb pages on the site. More than minimal maintenance will be at additional cost, though.
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Bill Walton: "The FORM King"

Throughout my professional career, I have insisted on using practical, well-designed paper forms...and because most standard mass-produced forms do not meet my standards, I have learned to build and print my own custom forms from scratch. In addition to a wordprossessing program for the most simple forms, I use a spreadsheet program to design forms with a series of regular cells and a database or a graphics program to design and print more complex forms.

If you are not totally satisfied with the standard forms that you are working with now...if they were designed by some bureaucrat or a graphics designer who never had to actually work with them, I can help you if you contact me.



If you own a Macintosh Computer and need a real full-function database designed (and perhaps maintained), that's one of the services that I have learned since I purchased my first Mac in 1984 and the HELIX database program in 1985. Read my descriptiion about what a Relational Database is by clicking this link...chances are that you've never seen a real relational database.


If you think I might be able to help you,
you are invited to contact me at:

William P. Walton, III
WPWaltonNJ <AT>

during the summer months at:
28 Snowberry Lane, Orient, ME 04471-4320
(Verizon Cell)

and during some winter months at:
100 Cold Indian Spring Road
Ocean-Wayside, N. J. 07712-3717
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