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Safety Rules:

  • Use no bore larger than 12 gauge.

  • Use no shot larger than number 8.  Size 7 1/2 shot is prohibited.

  • Use no load of greater velocity than 1200 feet per second.

  • Both shooters and shoot personel must wear eye and ear protection while on the skeet fields and at the Patterning Board. A hat is recommended to protect the shooter from pieces of broken birds.

  • Gun actions must open except on the shooting pads, at the patterning board and when a (breaking) gun is in a gunrack. All guns are to be opened and unloaded during the repair and servicing of traphouses by trap personel and when being carried from station to station or to or from the shooter's car. The muzzel of all guns must ALWAYS be pointed in a safe direction whether loaded or unloaded.

  • Loaded guns are not allowed on club property except on the shooting pads and at the patterning board. Users must notify the Range Officer prior to using the patterning board.

  • Only legal firearms in the possession of properly registered members and guests are allowed on club property.

  • All ammunition being used on club property is to be made available for inspection upon the request of a range officer. The use of any ammunition not conforming to club rules or any deemed to present a safety hazard must be discontinued immediately and removed from the property by the owner.

  • Only authorized and trained personel are allowed in the skeet houses. If you don't KNOW that you are authorized, you're not!

  • Only shooters and specifically authorized shoot personel (e.g., referees, pullers and instructors) are allowed on the skeet fields.  Visitors and Spectators must remain behind the shooting line.

  • Any gun that malfunctions must be unloaded on the shooting pad and a determination made as to its safety. Repairs may not be done on the skeet field.

  • Any dud shell shall be kept in the possession of the shooter and shall be removed from club property by the shooter to be disposed of in a safe manner.

  • All NSSA rules relative to safety shall be observed.

  • Obey posted driveway speeds.

  • No shooter shall consume alcohol prior to or while he continues shooting.

Shooting Rules:

  • All shooters and guests must register (PRINT THEIR OWN NAME) on the daily sign-in sheet at the Range Officer's desk prior to participating in any shooting activity. Please be sure to indicate your STATUS on the registration form. Walking onto a skeet field to join a round prior to registering is strictly prohibited. Non-shooting guests, visitors and spectators are expected to register upon arrival.

  • Squad size is limited to five (5) or fewer shooters unless permission is given by the Range Officer.

  • If the Range Officer requests permission to inspect any firearm, the shooter must comply and allow inspection of his firearm.

  • Failure or malfunction of any trap equipment shall be reported to the Range Officer immediately. If and when a warning flag/cone is displayed on the skeet field, all shooting shall cease.

  • Practice shooting on Registered Shoot days may be limited or not available. Practice shooters are encouraged to phone ahead on Registered Shoot days to see if a Range Officer has signed up to run the club after the Registered Shoot ends. The North Field is to be open by Noon if a RO is on duty.

  • The Patterning Board is for shotgun use ONLY and is available by permission of the Range Officer ONLY. The "Patterning Board in Use" sign must be displayed when the patterning area is in use. The area is to be cleaned up after use and the Range Officer must be notified before use. (See Safety Rules 1, 2 & 3.)

  • Before leaving the club grounds, shooters are to police their own hulls after practice shooting.

  • Upon completion of practice shooting, each individual shooter must inform the Range Officer of the number of rounds shot by him (and all guests). If the RO is not present the number shot by a MEMBER may be marked on the Registration sheet at the time the shooter "signs-out." Payment for rounds, ammo, birds and other goods or services must be made before leaving the grounds.

Clubhouse Rules and Usage:

  • Safety is expected of all members and guests. Courtesy is to be extended to all members, guests and club personel.

  • Complaints arising at the club shall be viewed as opportunities for improvement. Complaints about other members or guests shall be reported privately to the Range Officer and, if deemed necessary, in writing to any club trustee or officer.

  • Members and guests must report damaged club property to the Range Officer and anyone causing damage will be required to make repairs or arrange for replacement.

  • The club is not responsible for personal property left on club property.

  • Only the Range Officer for the day and current club Officers or Trustees are allowed behind the desk or in the club's office/storeroom.

  • The owner is responsible for the action of all pets on club property. If your dog eats my lunch, prepare to go purchase me another one.  Well-behaved dogs are allowed inside the clubhouse.

  • Members are expected to help maintain a safe, clean club facility and are strongly encouraged to participate when "work parties" are scheduled.

  • Smoking is permitted at WSC. As a courtesy, the inside of the clubhouse shall be smoke-free upon the verbal request of any member or guest.

  • EVERY member, family of a member or guest of a member who consumes any club-provided food or coffee is expected to contribute $1.00 or more per day to the coffee/food can. The soda machine being broken, soda is now being stored in the refridgerator.  Anyone may purchase a can of soda by placing 50 per can taken, in the Kitty Can on the table or near the coffee machine.

Guests of Members:

  • No member shall host more than two (2) guests on one day nor any guest more than five (5) times per year. The number of shooting appearances by any one non-member guest is limited to five (5) per year, regardless of the host of record. Applications for membership are available from the Range Officer.

  • Members shall be responsible to see that their guests observe all club rules, including the gun and ammo rules.

  • Members shall require their guests to register on the Daily "Sign-In" Sheet AND to complete and sign a release and indemnification form at least once each calendar year, prior to shooting. The Range Officer will log the guest's appearance in the Guest Registration Book and will check the guest's gun and ammo.

  • If competent and Safety Certified, the spouse of a member is not considered as being a "guest" and may, with permission of the member, shoot unaccompanied as may "safety qualified" and competent children of members between the ages of 18 and 23. Children under the age of 18 may shoot skeet but must be under the direct supervision and accompaniment of either qualified parent or with the permission of a parent, with another member shooter ... such children should be Safety Certified themselves. All other relatives and friends of a member are considered to be guests.

  • Immediate Family Members who shoot only occasionally and who have NOT BEEN SAFETY CERTIFIED shall be counted as being a Guest of the member ... the member may host only one additional Guest Shooter on the day that he hosts a non-Safety Certified family member.  TOTAL of two guests per member per day.
  • Children of members, being of age of 23 or greater and who currently serve in active military service may shoot as an Immediate Family Member and have their rounds punched on the card of the member parent.
  • All members and their "family" who shoot must sign a Member's Waiver to be kept on file for the duration of that member's association with WSC. Non-shooting immediate family members who use the club's facilities regularily are also required to sign a waiver. A parent or guardian of a child (below the age of 21) must sign the waiver for the minor child. Children of age 21 and above must sign their own waiver.  All family waivers are to be kept with the members' records in the safe.

  • It is strongly suggested that if a member wishes to introduce one or two guests to skeet shooting, such member should phone the clubhouse (shortly after Noon) to arrange an appropriate shooting time with the Range Officer of the day.  Because a round of skeet with NEW skeet shooters often takes more than the usual 20 minutes per five-man squad, members hosting new shooters should plan to arrive and shoot AFTER 2:00 PM.  Once the party of new shooters arrives at the clubhouse, the Range Officer will assign the party of new shooters to the field being least often used at the time they plan to shoot.
    The host member shall personally accompany his guests during all shooting activities.

New Member Rules:

  • The "sponsor" of a candidate for membership shall provide a written opinion as to the character and suitability for membership of his candidate/applicant. Such personal letter shall become part of the applicant's application form.

  • A member may officially sponsor only one (1) new member in any one calendar year.

  • The Safety Committee shall require each probationary  member (along with other "family" members who shoot) to demonstrate his/their safe shooting skills prior to final approval of the granting of his full membership status.  This rule pertains to spouse and all children under the age of 23 who shoot.

  • New members shall serve a period of probation before being finally approved for FULL MEMBERSHIP by the Board of Directors. It is anticipated that the minimum probationary period be at least one year.

  • Probationary Members may not nominate anyone to hold office, sponsor a new member and may not hold elective office. They may attend and participate in all meetings and may serve as a member or chairman of any club committee.

Immediate Family Policies:

  • The spouse and children (below the age of 23) of a member shall not be required to be individual members of NRA nor shall they be required to pay annual dues.

  • The spouse and children of a member shall not be required to possess a NJ Firearm ID Card unless they transport firearms to or from the club while NOT under the direct supervision and accompaniment of the member.

  • The spouse and children of a member may not vote nor hold elective office in the club.

  • The spouse and children of a member may possess and use their own shoot card OR may have their rounds punched on the member's shoot card.

  • The spouse and children of a member may apply to become a full dues-paying member without having to pay an Application or Initiation Fee.

  • Children of a member (of any age) who are on Active Duty with any branch of the US Military may shoot as an immediate family member.

  • All members (and family of members who use the club's facilities) must sign a "Member's Waiver" to be kept on file for the duration of the member's association with the Wayside Skeet Club.


Please read and PRINT this page of Club Rules and have the printout available at the time of your Safety and Orientation Discussion with the Safety Committee.

PRINT Probationary Member's Name

I,  ___________________________________________
have read the above CLUB RULES and I agree to abide by them.  I have discussed these rules with the Safety Committee and my sponsor and I understand the rules.

SIGNATURE of the Probationary Member


Date __________________________  

Signature of the Safety and Orientation Committeeman or person giving Safety Certification:


Please notify the Chairman of  the Membership Committee that the WSC Safety and Orientation discussion has been completed for this new Probationary Member.

Send an e-mail to:      WaysideSKEETClub  <AT>  aol.com

    Additional "rules and regulations" may be embodied in the club's bylaws. Members should be familiar with those requirements.

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