More Cedar Log Carvings

Loon on Mantle

Common Loon with support Logs

Winter Forest on Mantle

Maine Forest Log on Mantle

9-3 Streamer Fly

9-3 Streamer Fly

Fall Leaf Stand

Fall Leaf Stand - Cupped Top

Fall Leaf Fireplace  Log

Fall Leaf Fireplace Log w/ Two Support Logs

Flying Grouse Fireplace Log

Flying Grouse Fireplace Log with two Support Logs

Jumping Fish Carving (Lamp)

Jumping Fish (Lamp)

Loon Log on Mantle

Loon Log on Mantle with two Support Logs

More photos will be published here soon. including:

Flying Grouse Chairside Stand with Ash Tray

Timberdoodle (Woodcock) Fireside Stool

For more information, contact the carver

Bill Walton
207-448-7758 - Answering Machine
Cell 207-538-7758
28 Snowberry Lane, Orient, Maine 04471

William P. Walton, III - All Rights Reserved

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