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The original by-laws were adopted at the incorporation meeting, April 9, 2002...and were amended by action of the membership during its 2002 Annual Meeting.

Changes were made by the Board of Directors in 2003 and were ratified on July 23, 2005 by action of the membership during its Annual Meeting.

At the September 16, 2006 and April 21, 2007 Board of Director's meetings Article 4, Section 3 was amended by action of the Board and ratified at the 2007 Annual Meeting.

In early 2008, a series of proposed changes was presented to the CLIC Board of Directors. A committee was named and over the next three years, that committee reviewed, discussed and edited those proposed changes. The proposed changes were not major in effect but rather were necessary to keep the governance of CLIC in line with these bylaws. The concepts of Simplicity and Need were strongly considered in writing those proposed changes. The only significant changes involve the authorization to use electronic communications among and between the Board of Directors.

Those changes were adopted by CLIC's Board of Directors at its September 12, 2009 meeting and were moved, seconded and duly ratified at the 2010 Annual Meeting.

A change to Article 4, Section 9 has been ratified by the membership at it's July 26, 2014 meeting.

Amendments to the bylaws are being considered by the Board for presentation at the Annual Meeting on July 18, 2015.

CLIC's bylaws have been static since 2015.

According to Article 6, all amendments acted on by the Board of Directors must be pre-announced and presented for final ratification by the membership at the next Annual Meeting of the Members.

Click here to read the text of the bylaws as approved.


Proposed additions are in red and emboldened.

Sections and subsections are to be renumbered as becomes necessary.

Proposed deletions are bracketed [thus] and in red non-bold text.

Black text is not proposed to be changed.

It is proposed that green text included herein is in conflict with other sections of the bylaws and should be removed from this document and considered merely as guidance for action at the committee level.

Basic reasons for each proposed change are shown in blue text, below.


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