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East Grand Lake Drawing - An 11" x 17" one sided color drawing of the second Chiputneticook Lake - East Grand Lake - or Ktchiqusipan as it was known to the Native Americans. This drawing shows the commonly named coves, points, shores and islands along with launch sites, lodges, Canadian picnic sites with fire rings and many other attributes of the lake including the deep holes and some shoals and dangerous rocks. 

For info about obtaining an extremely detailed set of four (4) East Grand Lake Maps with MANY depth recordings, click and read SMELT FRY STOCKING PROJECT

Spednic Lake Drawing - An 11" x 17" one sided color drawing of the third, fourth and fifth Chiputneticook Lakes - Mud, the magnificant and undeveloped Spednic (sometimes spelled Spednik or Spendic) and Palfrey Lakes. This drawing shows many of the commonly named coves, points, shores and islands along with several launch sites and other attributes of the lake. Spednic is a very rocky lake and especially during low water in the fall of the year, boaters should take great care. This drawing is not as well developed as the East Grand Lake drawing but we're working on it.

Roads and Lanes Drawing - An 11" x 17" one sided color drawing of the roads and access lanes around and to East Grand Lake. This drawing shows the names of the roads and lanes in order from north to south as you would encounter them if you were on the water. The names given are the currently recognized 911 lane names some of which have recently been renamed for 911 purposes. The drawing on this WWW page is a low resolution .gif reproduction of the original Adobe Illustrator original.

Baskahegan Lake Drawing - This lake drawing has not been uploaded to the ChipLakeNEWS web page but is available as a color computer generated drawing on heavy paper.  Because Baskahegan is more compact, the drawing is not elongated and is "squarish" on paper. !

Because of HTML programming restrictions, the images available on these WWW pages are less sharp and less colorful than are the original computer-driven color inkjet printouts on paper ... but at least they give an idea of the details shown on the originals.
On the snowsled trails page, the smaller Orient to Danforth drawing is a very low resolution .gif image, the larger Houlton to Danforth upper image is a higher resolution .jpg image.

The cost for any one of the drawings above is US$10.00 per drawing plus (boxed) Priority Mail postage and handling of US$7.00 for up to ten rolled drawings to USA postal addresses. Priority Postage beyond Maine's nearest four (4) postal zones MAY be more costly.  (Please enclose US$10.00 for Global Priority shipment into Canada.
USPS Parcel Post with Insurance to USA postal addresses is not recommended and may take substantially longer, but I will purchase a tube and send by Parcel Post at the purchaser's request. Please plan to allow several WEEKS for parcel post delivery and contact me by phone or e-mail so I can price that USPS service.

For additional drawings after the first five you purchase (all at one time),
the cost is US$7.50 each.

Several rolled drawings can be shipped for one postage charge ... either method.

To order a drawing, send payment for as many drawings as you want, plus postage

payable to:
William P. Walton, III, 28 Snowberry Lane, Orient, ME USA 04471

(...along with your return mailing address ... and your e-mail address if you have one.)  Allow 2 weeks for printing and USA Priority Mail delivery ... but it usually won't take that long.)

Questions? Send an e-query to: BillWaltonOrient<AT> and put Chip Lake MAPS in the subject line.

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St. Croix International Waterway Recreation Area Map - A two sided FOLDED color map of the entire St. Croix Waterway from Monument Brook through the Chiputneticook Lakes area, and on the back, the St. Croix River from Vanceboro to the St. Croix Estuary at Passamaquoddy Bay...23" x 39" on waterproof paper. This map is published by the New Brunswick (Canada) Department of Parks & Recreation and is available through the website. The cost is US$8.00 or Cdn$10.00. Shipping and handling may be additional. See the Publications and Contact Information Pages on the SCIWC web site for information about their map and their postal address. Contact SCIWC at staff<AT>

The newest version of the Cdn. Parks and Recreation map was printed in 2010.

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