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WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO. We’re advocates for those "in" and around the Upper St. Croix River Basin waterway, the five Chiputneticook Lakes, North, East Grand, Mud, Spednic and Palfrey along with Deering and Brackett Lakes in Weston, ME.

On a warm, summer evening in 1992, two men sat on a porch, overlooking East Grand Lake, talking about how lucky they were to have such a great place to spend their free time. One was a Canadian and one an American, and they both loved to fish, especially on East Grand. It was obvious to both of them that for some unknown reasons, the salmon fishing was very poor. Most of the salmon they caught were under fourteen inches, and it wasn’t getting any better. After some discussion they decided to try and do something about it. They called a couple of other friends and suggested that if they formed a “lake association” it could give some “power to the people” and get some action from the fishery authorities. The problems we could see that needed attention back in 1992, are still with us today, although surely, we have made good progress in several important areas and the fishing HAS gotten better.

Fishery – A dialogue was begun with fisheries people from both New Brunswick and Maine, and without a doubt the situation has improved. Larger salmon are now being caught (a couple of eight pounders through the ice in 1998). More importantly, state and provincial officials know that many people are concerned about Spednic, East Grand, and North Lakes, and they in turn, are paying more attention to the fish population in all the lakes.

Water Quality – Monitoring water clarity and quality has become an ongoing effort for CLIC members. We have a network of lake users who help monitor water conditions monthly.

Regulation Enforcement – We saw a need for an emphasis on certain types of boating, fishing, and customs enforcement at various times during the past few years, and when the directors and committee chairs contacted the proper agencies and made our views known, we have most often seen positive results.

Water Levels – As anyone who has been around East Grand or Spednic knows, water levels are a common topic of conversation which often widens to include dam ownership, operations, and licensing . . . a very controversial subject that we all have our own ideas about. We now enjoy an open line of communication with the Georgia Pacific dam supervisor in our efforts to represent all the users of the watershed and their unique needs.

Join Us! While these comments are only a small sample of what we are concerned about, "our cause” today, could be “your cause” tomorrow. We want to act as a larger “body” of concerned lake users when the need arises. Please join the CLIC Family. YOU and YOURS are welcome!

Some Facts about CLIC:
1. We are a non-profit organization established in 1993 and incorporated as a 501c 3 Charitable Organization in 2002. Our Bylaws are in place and available to all members [on paper and online].
2. We have between five and fifteen International Board members with rotating terms. The Board of Directors meets about four times each year.
3. An annual meeting, open to members and their guests, is held each summer in the “lakes” area.
4. We represent North, East Grand, Mud, Spednic and Palfrey Lakes and their interconnecting waterways in Southern Aroostook and Northern Washington Counties, Maine and York County, New Brunswick. Recently, the Board of Directors voted to include both Brackett and Deering (Longfellow) Lakes in Weston, ME.
5. Member’s contributions are received annually. Since 2014 the base amount has been $25.00 per year for HOUSEHOLDS...some members voluntarily contribute more each year.
6. We have established an ongoing fish rearing project at seven schools in Danforth, Hodgdon and Houlton, Maine and have assisted the same project in Canterbury, NB.
7. We have supported and contributed to the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust for property and conservation easement purchase and forever-wild preservation in the local area and the South West New Brunswick Stakeholder's Committee working on the Protected Areas Strategy on the Canadian side of Spednic Lake.
8. With Maine biologists, we have assisted with the stocking of salmon and trout in East Grand Lake.
9. We have purchased picnic tables and placed them on several beaches on East Grand Lake and Mud Lake.
10. We have been active in opposing alewife introduction into Spednic and East Grand Lakes and the Middle St. Croix River and assist with ongoing studies by Maine & NB Fish & Wildlife agencies.
11. CLIC volunteers monitor lake water clarity at various times at many locations on North Lake, East Grand, Spednic, Palfrey and several other local lakes.
12. We have established an e-mail notification system to keep members who are 
online, informed in emergencies.
13. We host a free annual hot dog cookout on Half Moon Island in northern East Grand Lake.
14. In 2001 we initiated a fun flatwater canoe/kayak race around Halfmoon Island in northern East Grand Lake and moved it to Paterson Cove in 2005.
15. We have built, donated and installed three large public bulletin boards, one in Orient and one in Weston and one in Danforth.
In 2004 we had a local High School Shop class build two floating loon nests and have placed them in the EGL area.
16. For several years, we awarded week-long summer Conservation Camp Scholarships to local youngsters.
17. We initiated and currently oversee the placement of free observation binoculars at the Maine Scenic Byway Turnout and Overlook in the Million Dollar View area in Weston
18.  CLIC is the lead local organization fighting to preserve the working gates in the Forest City Dam
19.  CLIC has supported the establishment and construction of the East Grand Highland Hiking Trail in Danforth.

“We share an appreciation for the values which brought each of us to the shores of the Chiputneticooks. Our ideas and preferences change, from time to time, but the common threads and highest values continue to hold our interest. If CLIC can make any contribution toward protecting our heritage, improving it or simply making it more interesting by encouraging the interaction of people who might otherwise pass as strangers in boats, then the price of admission will have been a true bargain!” Bob Foster

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