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Summary: What the ChipLakeNEWS is and how it operates.

TO: All ChipLakeNEWSletter Recipients:

Welcome to the ChipLakeNEWS. Here are some "E-mail Folkways" that will be observed regarding the clN. The following notes describe how the clNEWSletter operates.

This is the initial message that I send to ALL NEW recipients of the ChipLakeNEWS. I presume that this is the first clNEWSletter you will receive and hope you enjoy receiving these communications and reports in the future. If you don't, just send an e-mail asking to be removed from the addressbook...and you will be.

WHAT THE ChipLakesNEWS IS (...and, as importantly, IS NOT):
First and foremost, the "ChipLakeNEWS" is NOT the voice of CLIC nor the WWLT nor the SCIWC nor does it speak for any other organization, group or agency. Rather, it is a communication and information SERVICE offered to all who are interested in receiving electronic newsletter mostly (but not exclusively) about the Chiputneticook Lakes Area of northeastern Maine and western New Brunswick. It reflects the OPINIONS of only the editor and the various contributors and although the opinions that are stated may be congruent with local organizations, the clN doesn't intend to speak for any other agency, organization or committee. Comments and informational releases are welcomed from individuals and agencies, organizations and operating committees.

The ChipLakeNEWS is also a website, the Home Page of which you may surf to at < > you can copy and paste that address to your web browser and GO. The main pages on the website include the HOME page, a LIST of Information Sheets and those InfoSheets themselves, a MAPS Page from which you can access several area drawings, a LINKS to other sites page, a local area CALENDAR OF EVENTS page and many other locally useful pages. Finally, a TABLE OF CONTENTS page gives access to all website pages from a single page. [Remember, that's ".org" not .com !]

The contents of future clN transmissions are limited only by the whims of the editor (me, a benevolent dictator) and may/will include information about the Chiputneticooks and other lakes/waterway systems...along with information about the local lake association, actions of the Maine Legislature and hopefully NB legislative actions, local non-governmental activities, fish, people (including their comments and questions), articles written by the editor, by clN recipients (hopefully) and often (probably) copied from other sources that will interest many of you.
Regarding items or services FOR SALE or WANTED, announcements and short offerings on the website or solicitations are free and published on the website's BBBB page with other similar items. Personal services, small personal items, yard sales, boats and even real estate are not beyond the scope of items that may be listed for free. Larger, detailed one or two-time individual offerings will be considered on an item-by-item basis...small (200K or smaller) e-mailed digital photos (JPEG or .jpg ONLY) may be accepted. The web site also hosts other "subwebsites." The subsites of local interest include 8-9 pages for CLIC, the East Grand Snowmobile Club, The Princeton Rod and Gun Club and others...all of which may be linked to from the clN Home Page. Other related sites can usually be found on the clN LINKS page.

It's my intention to protect your individual privacy (real and online), i.e., to guard your e-mail address, i.e., not give it out...unless I think you would want me to [...and I'm very conservative]. In general, I will NOT give out ANY recipient's e-address unless I believe it's either already in the public domain or, at least, easily available via another source. I will, however, forward an electronic request to an individual being sought so that he can respond to you, if he chooses. Except in limited circumstances, it is intended that each ChipLakeNEWS go out as a "blind copy" so that no one can see the others' e-address(es). If you become aware of another recipient's online address, please extend the courtesy of protecting their address as I try to protect yours. I will often/usually/always include textual requests for information and/or comments, suggestions, complaints (etc.) but I will not forward attachments so, in the rare case that you receive an attachment to a clN from me, I've probably generated it myself (digital photo or drawing, etc. - but anything that might qualify as an attachment usually goes on the website). If I do attach a file to a newsletter, I will describe the file in the body of the newsletter...please afford to me the same courtesy.
HOWEVER, I do require that I know with whom I correspond...I require to know your real name and a valid mailing address (in addition, of course, to your e-mail address). Nobody else gets it but I require knowing who you are and where you are.

If convenient, could you please provide a glossary at the end of your e-mails, giving the names which are represented by letters, like WWLT. >>
EDITOR'S RESPONSE: I try to keep the e-mails simple (and short but accuracy sometimes dictates a little more explanation than everyone needs). Although I don't see an easy way of providing a continuing glossary in EVERY transmission, I will try to be more clear with the acronyms I use...I will try to identify an uncommon acronym with the first use in the text. For starters, here are some of the common acronyms that I often use:
WWLT is the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust based in Forest City, Maine. Elbridge Cleaves of Weston, is President. Woodie Wheaton was a long time Forest City fishing guide and outdoorsman. The WWLT is interested in preserving the pristine wildness of the Chiputneticook chain of lakes and has established an exemplary record in its short history. For more info, visit its website at: < > .
SCIWC is the St. Croix International Waterway Commission in Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, NB. Ms. Lee Sochasky is it's Executive Director. < staff <AT> > One might say that it is the benevolent international overseer of the hundred+ mile long main stem of the St. Croix Waterway system...the boundary between southern New Brunswick and northeastern Maine.
The IJC is the International Joint Commission, the "joint" commission between the U.S. and Canada that controls, in addition to the St. Croix Waterway, the operation of ALL the boundary waters between the two countries, Atlantic to Pacific. See: Their local operating body is the International St. Croix River (Watershed) Board (ISCRB). There is a US Secretary and a CANADIAN Secretary with whom interested parties may correspond. The IJC and the ISCRB hold a local meeting every August which is open to the public and is usually announced in the clN. The concerned public is encouraged to attend those meetings.
Of course, CLIC is the acronym for the Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy, Inc. Chiputneticook is the American Indian name (Place of the High Hill Stream) for the northern-most group of five lakes in the St. Croix watershed. This appellation usually appears (only) on Canadian maps. A LKF is that, Ktchiquispam is the Native American name for East Grand Lake. CLIC also includes Monument Brook, Deering Lake, Brackett Lake and all the connecting waterways under its umbrella.
clN and clNEWS are the nicknames for the Chiputneticook Lakes NEWSletter and are abbreviations for the website, the full URL is: . The newsletter is
NOT the CLIC NEWS letter.
ROFLMAO is a common internet CHAT abbreviation like: lol = "laughing out loud" or brb = "be right back" or ttfn = "tah tah for now" = "good bye" ... ROFLMAO = "rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off" :-D

I will henceforth limit my smart-ass comments (not to mention trade secrets) in order to minimize my discomfort upon being quoted! >>
EDITOR'S RESPONSE: Both smart-ass AND trade secret comments are especially appreciated. I enjoy both serious and tongue-in-cheek comments and wouldn't be as much fun publishing this newsletter if everyone corresponded as if their lives depended on it. I will, however, withhold your name from notes you send me and that I include in the clN...IF YOU REQUEST ME TO. In general I will include many/most comments that readers send to me in future clNEWSletters. The rules that I use when I quote and/or give credit to senders/responders will be used with all correspondence, both received and sent via < ChipLakeNEWS <AT> > i.e., I will withhold anyone's name who requests that I do so AND I will omit any comment if I think it is inappropriate but I will probably use MOST comments that are sent to me, so you should anticipate that many/most e-mails sent to ChipLakeNEWS or ChipLakeINFO will be quoted or passed along in some fashion. When I send a clNEWSletter I send it to ALL recipients. I won't, however, correct spelling or grammar in received comments before I include them (nor will I forward irrelevant chat nor jokes.)
It's also appropriate to know that no person, agency, organization or committee has editorial censorship about what I include in the clN...if I know about an issue, I may offer it for discussion or (FYI) for your information.
OK! OK! You are free to quote anything that I may write. I just might be a bit more circumspect about what I say. (But don't count on it!) I appreciate your efforts to keep us updated and informed. And you may quote me on that! >>
EDITOR'S PS: I don't ALWAYS use quote marks when I include a quote, neither the common kind (" and ") nor the internet kind (< at the beginning of each line) nor the AOL kind (<< and >>), but be aware that when it looks like it's a quote, it probably is...AND I will try to give credit to the originator.
PPS: Unless I can't help myself I will try to keep my two cents to myself. However, when I do add a comment, I try to remember to make specific reference that it is the "EDITOR'S RESPONSE" or, at least, to set my words off with square brackets, [thus]...making editorial comments is one of the perks of being the editor. :-D (Oh yeah...I'm Macintosh so some of my keyboard characters might not transfer to PC correctly. The Mac's "quote marks" commonly appear as gibberish on a PC...or so I'm told.)

GETTING ON the clN Address List.
If you know someone who would like to receive the ChipLakeNEWS, have him/her e-mail me his/her ID data and a request to be added to the e-mailing list and I will correspond with him/her about the requirements for getting on the clN addressbook. The clN USED TO BE FREE but as of 1/1/11 ALL receipents must financially support some/any Maine or New Brunswick water organization, e.g., CLIC, the WWLT, the Skiff Lake or West Grand Lake Associations or ANY OTHER ME or NB water organization. It ain't the dollars it is the willingness to support a water organization, though.
(By the way, I usually don't use individual pronouns for the two genders. No offense is's just easier to write he than s/he or him/her, etc. - and easier to read, too.)

GETTING OFF the ChipLakeNEWS Address List:
If you want TOTALLY OFF the clN e-mailing list, don’t be bashful. If you don’t enjoy receiving the ChipLakeNEWS and want off, it’s as easy as 1...2...”Please take me off the ChipLakeNEWS address list” sent to ChipLakeINFO <AT> . "Cancel Subscription" on the Subject Line of your e-mail will make it abundently clear to me. If you ever want back on, find me and ask.

YOUR comments are always welcome...AND solicited! Comments, suggestions, clarifications, responses, questions and, yes, even your complaints and constructive criticism are especially welcomed and solicited but PLEASE, no forwards...I just delete anything that starts with "Fwd." Local agencies, organizations and committees are also welcome to offer information and comments. As editor, I reserve the privilege to edit and/or comment, though! You may send me a question with which to poll the online recipients and I'll include it in a future newsletter or if it's of an emergent nature, I might send a special clNEWSletter devoted to your topic. (Please don't make ME research your topic, though. I do a lot of research throughout the year for many of the other topics offered and I'd appreciate you doing your own necessary research.)

ACTIVE LINKS in clN newsletters:
Because some e-mail servers block e-mails that contain active links to other sites (they are guarding their customers from SPAM) the ChipLakeNEWS does not usually contain any clickable links to web sites but will often contain the URL (address) in text form. To access those sites noted in the clN, highlight and copy the URL and paste it into your web browser and GO or ENTER. An active link is often displayed in blue text and is usually underlined. URLs in the clN may be in blue but will usually not be active and therefore will not be underlined and not clickable.

Your ATTACHMENTS sent to ChipLakeNEWS:
I'm Macintosh and can't read all FORMATTED PC/DOS/Windows/etc. documents sent as an ATTACHMENT...I can't read Wordperfect files. I can read <.jpg> <.gif> & <.bmp> photos; <.xls> Excel documents, <.doc> MSWord documents and <.txt> "text only" documents (that are unformatted and with no carriage return at the end of each line)...those types of attachments are fine if you believe them to be of particular interest to all readers.
If I send an attachment to you, it'll be one with those (although I may forget to add the dotsuffix since the Mac doesn't require might have to add the dot-suffix to get your computer to open the attachment). Text will almost always be in the body of the clNEWSletter itself and other pertinent information will probably be posted on the clN website with a suggestion in the clN to view it...rather than be attached to 190+ individual newsletters. As a standard e-mail, I write in a wide window and don't use carriage returns except at the end of a paragraph (although your e-mail software may shorten the lines AND add carriage returns) to my document. If you make your window wider, my text should flow with the width of the window rather than stay as a narrow column...if your mail program permits it.
Rather than send me an attached text document, please include the text in the body of your e-mail. If you do send me an attachment, PLEASE, as a courtesy and so my Mac knows how to open it, describe what its content and format is in the body of the e-mail.

Usually, all photos that may be worthy of your time will be posted on the Website and mention will be made in a clNEWSletter as will MOST other long or detailed data. With the availability of the web site, I have gotten entirely away (almost) from attachments to e-mailed clNEWSletters. In any case, I will not ever attach any file that I have not opened nor will I forward a file that I don't think you would really want to see...AND...IF I do attach a file to a clN, I will describe that attachment in the e-mail that it is attached to...I WON'T send you an attachment and say, "Check this out!" PLEASE don't do that to me either. IF YOU send a picture attachment to me, please format it in JPEG form with the <.jpg> dotsuffix AND describe, in the body of your e-mail to which it is attached, exactly what the subject matter is, its format and who originated/created the file. I prefer to receive text in the body of the e-mail rather than as an attached formatted file. DON'T send HUGE photo files that take hours to download. A 200K file is good enough to see as much detail as is necessary...your camera can probably make large pictures reasonably small for e-mail purposes.
DO NOT FORWARD attachments to me that YOU have not originated !!! without FIRST discussing them with me
DO NOT FORWARD text or e-mail to me that someone else has written and that YOU have not cleared of internet quotation marks.
PLEASE, no jokes! or anything that the subject line starts with: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd, because I quickly delete them.

YOU are one of more than 250 people who have requested that they be placed on the clN e-mailing list. The clN is sent as a SERVICE to a WILLING recipient. Everybody receives the same clNEWSletter...if a commenter praises someone or takes someone to task, be assured that all recipients view the same text. Please note that you do not need to be a CLIC member to receive the ChipLakeNEWS but I encourage you to support CLIC if you are a user of the Chiputneticook Lakes...or the WWLT which works to conserve and preserve the Chip Lakes the way they are now...or to support your local Maine or New Brunswick lake or water organization! Lake association dues are usually extremely low and the associations and organizations do a lot of good work...even if you don't SEE it happening. JOIN CLIC and Support the WWLT. The clN is FREE to those who financially support some/any Maine or New Brunswick water/based organization, so in lieu of a subscription fee, please choose one and financially support the organization of your choice. Your support is crucial...give it freely and you will benefit along with the rest of us.

Who DOESN’T get the ChipLakeNEWS?
Any recipient who asks to be removed from the e-address list and everyone else (the world) who has not individually requested (or agreed) to be added to the lists. No one is added without their specific request, although an invitation may be sent to potential recipients if I think they might be an interested recipient. New CLIC members will be added upon joining CLIC but may ask/demand to be removed. I don't print any of the clNEWSletters on paper and none are mailed via postal service...but you may do so if you wish to.

I am (continuously) compiling e-mail and snail-mail addresses and other data for local, state/provincial and federal agents and agencies; lake oriented groups and establishments; wildlife and fishery specialists, etc. who those of our ilk may need to contact in the future. If you have a need to find someone or an agency that you think this database may know about, don't hesitate to send me a request by e-mail...the worst I can say is that I don't know their location or how to reach them. If you know someone that the database should have on file, please e-mail me the information that you think the database should have...if I need more specific info than you send to me, I'll contact you.

He’s a lake area enthusiast and fisherman, a CLIC and SCIWC and WWLT evangelist and the compiler and editor of the text of The ChipLakeNEWS...the person willing to gather and edit the "NEWS" so you may be a little better informed and sometimes, hopefully, even a little amused. He is a Charter CLIC Member (LIFE), a member of the CLIC Board of Directors (between 1998 and 2001 & 2006 to present) and CLIC Membership Chair (1998-2004 and again 2006 to present) and currently the CLIC Treasurer. He is also the Membership Chairman for the East Grand Snowmobile Club and he belongs to the local ATV club. His summer residence is at 28 Snowberry Lane (off Boundary Road) Orient, ME 04471-4320 (Phone is listed in the Southern Aroostook Phone Book...but is NOT the Bill Walton of Brookton.'s just a coincidence that two unrelated William P. Waltons live within 20 miles of each other. His occasional winter abode is in Wayside, New Jersey. Mail received in Orient is forwarded to New Jersey during the times that he's there, so you may always use the Orient snail-mail address...of course, e-mail is faster.

WHAT IS < ChipLakeNEWS <AT> >?
It's a SEND-ONLY screen name and e-mail address...the screen name from which I SEND the newsletter...usually on Fridays if sufficient NEWS is available. I usually don't READ mail sent there except on Fridays so please DON'T SEND MAIL to ChipLakeNEWS <AT>

WHAT IS < ChipLakeINFO <AT> >?
The RECEIVE screen name that I use for ALL general correspondence. Again, please don't send mail to as I only access that screenname once a week when I send a newsletter...I check ChipLakeINFO daily. Anything you send to might go moldy waiting for me to see it.
As a client of AmericanOnLine, I have several screen names available to me - several “identities” if you will. One of those, < ChipLakesINFO <AT> >, is the one that I will use: 1) as compiler, corresponder and editor of the ChipLakesNEWS; AND 2) for ALMOST all other online correspondence with clN recipients in relation to “Chiputneticook Lakes area” information, i.e., for ALMOST ALL my MAINE electronic correspondence.
As a CLIC director and membership chairman and treasurer, I use CLICtreasurer <AT> .
Another of my mailboxes is < WPWaltonNJ <AT> > which is my personal screen name.
A fourth is BillWaltonOrient <AT> which I use for some Maine business. NONE OF THESE SCREEN NAMES BELONG TO CLIC OR ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION !!! THEY ARE ALL MY PERSONAL SCREEN NAMES!!!. When you use any of them, you get ME...not CLIC and not anyone else. I use these different screennames so that I can keep better track of my please use the screenname best suited to the subject you want to discuss.
Just remember, if you use < ChipLakeNEWS <AT> > you get no one...for a week or so.
[As you can see, when I include an e-address in an e-mail on or this website, I substitute <AT> for the @ to protect against web-crawling robots from obtaining my (or other's) e-addresses. When you see <AT> in an e-mail or on this site and want to use that address, replace the <AT> and any spaces surrounding it with an @.]

What is CLIC?
The Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy, Inc. is the local lake association (a Maine non-profit 501, c, 3 tax exempt corporation) originally formed in 1992 and incorporated in 2002 to support the five Chiputneticook Lakes; North, East Grand, Mud, Spednic and Palfrey (and recently Deering and Bracket Lakes). In the summer of 2001 the membership approved application to the State of Maine to reorganize as a non-profit corporation. That goal was realized in April 2002 and the ultimate goal of being recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a publicly funded tax-deductable, charitable corporation under Chapter 501 c 3 of the IRS Codes was validated in December 2002 retroactive to April 12th. All Dues and Contributions to CLIC are US Tax Deductible...contributions to the WWLT are deductible also.
The ONLY direct and OFFICIAL way to reach the Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy, Inc. is via its temporary US Postal Address: 28 Snowberry Lane, Orient, ME USA 04471-4320 OR, perhaps through its current president, Mike Saunders of Fosterville & Victoria, BC or legally via the Registered Agent (who is registered in Augusta as its corporate agent). There is no CLIC phone number and no CLIC E-Mail address. See the CLIC web pages for a listing of other officers.
(ChipLakeNEWS recipients may send e-correspondence directed at CLIC through me at < CLICtreasurer <AT> > and I will forward that e-correspondence to all CLIC directors who are online, as I have in the past.) CLIC does maintain several information pages on the WWW. For more information about CLIC visit: . JOIN CLIC! The dues would be cheap at twice the price!

What is the SCIWC
The St. Croix International Waterway Commission was established through a 1986 Memorandum of Understanding and 1987 Legislative Acts by the State of Maine and the Province of New Brunswick and extends the full length of the St. Croix boundary waters, from their origin at the source of Monument Brook in Aroostook and York Counties to their confluence, 185km/110mi distant, with the Passamaquoddy Bay in Washington and Charlotte Counties. The "waterway" includes a 250ft/75m corridor of adjacent shorelands in both countries. The SCIWC works closely with the International Joint Commission and the IJC's local operating group, the International St. Croix River Board and all other local agencies, bureaus, commissions, associations, clubs and individuals who are interested in the St. Croix watershed. It's executive director is Ms. Leigh-Anne Outhouse. SCIWC e-correspondence should be sent to < staff <AT> > or via postal mail to:
St. Croix International Waterway Commission
P. O. Box 610, Calais, ME 04619-0610 USA
P.O. Box 2, St. Stephen, NB E3L 2W9 Canada
Tel: (506) 466-7550, Fax: (506) 466-7551 [both are New Brunswick exchanges - no phone in Maine]
You may visit the SCIWC website at:
ChipLakeNEWS e-mails are sent as SOLICITED e-transmissions to anyone interested in the Chiputneticook Lakes of eastern Maine, USA and western New Brunswick, CAN. Recipients are added to the clN addressbook only at their request or with their permission. Transmissions are usually sent weekly (on Friday mornings) during summer months...and less often during fall, winter and spring (because information, then, is not as readily available). Contact and sign-up information is available at New recipients are welcome and subscription is free if you financially support some/any Maine or New Brunswick water organization. In lieu of a subscription cost, all recipients are required to financially support a/any Maine or New Brunswick lake, river or other water organization...Join CLIC...Support the WWLT !
To unsubscribe, send an e-mail to ChipLakeNEWS <AT> requesting that your e-address be removed from the ChipLakeNEWS mailing list...please include "Cancel Subscription" on the subject line. The ChipLakeNEWS has no phone but paper mail may be sent to the editor at: 28 Snowberry Lane, Orient, ME 04471-4320.

PS: I have been having some trouble with AOL not remembering new e-addresses that I record. If you do not receive a ChipLakeNEWsletter WEEKLY, please send me a note. During the summer, a clN is sent usually on Fridays...during the Fall, Winter and Spring, there may be a week or two gap between newsletters.


1a) Please notice that the ChipLakeNEWS transmissions are sent as BLIND COPIES to all recipients...that's so everybody's e-address isn't spread to the wind...I do that to guard your privacy.

1b) Also note at the bottom of each ChipLakeNEWS newsletter, a DIFFERENT "reply to" e-mail address is given. BECAUSE the mailbox (ChipLakeNEWS) is my SEND-ONLY mailbox...I don't read incoming mail here except on the day I send the next newsletter so PLEASE DON'T REPLY to ChipLakeNEWS. Please start a new message to ChipLakeINFO <AT> and I will read it sooner...usually I read mail there twice a day. If you honor this request, the next problem can't happen.

2) Even more important, PLEASE don't do a REPLY ALL because when you do, all those hidden e-mail addresses could be sent in the open...not something that everyone wants. The bottom line is: "PLEASE DO NOT SEND MAIL or REPLIES to ChipLakeNEWS <AT> .

Your mail and replies to ChipLakeINFO <AT> are welcome...and that address is given at the bottom of every newsletter.

Welcome to the ChipLakeNEWS and I hope you enjoy them

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