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This InfoSheet is number: 2006

Summary: DIF&W Trap Net Report

Transcription from the ME DIF&W Region F
Fall 2001 Trap Net Report:

"East Grand Lake, Weston, Washington Co., 16.070 acres. We set our nets on 9/25 at a water temperature of 18.0 [Celsius] and pulled out on 10/9 at 14.0. Since the illegal introduction of alewives into East Grand, growth of landlocked salmon has been inconsistant, as has been fishing success. There is a 2 salmon, 14" length limit, only 1 salmon over 18" regulation in effect for the purpose of increasing the proportion of older age and larger sized salmon. The stocking rate has been adjusted downward recently from 14,000 to 12,000. Although the growth rate and the condition could be better, we are very pleased with the abundance of older IV+ and V+ salmon [four and five year old??] in the catch this fall. The average length and weight of all salmon trapped was 18.6 inches and 2.26 pounds, respectively. We took 15 salmon (23.1% of all salmon trapped) as V+ year old fish with an average length and weight of 22.9 inches and 3.84 pounds. The largest salmon handled was 26.0 inches and 6.1 pounds."

The accompanying chart specified that the trap was set in Danforth Township and specified 28 net-days fished [doesn't add up on my calendar]. A total of 68 landlocked salmon were trapped with 96% being hatchery bred. The report noted 10.3% hooking injuries and a "condition" of 0.883 0.011 [I don't know what that means].

No other Chiputneticook Lakes were reported trapped on but Pleasant Pond in Island Falls, Schoodic Lake in Lakeview Plt, Piscataquis Co, Duck Lake and Nicatous Lake in Hancock Co. were trapped.

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