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East Grand Lake Smelt Fry Stocking Project

Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy, Inc.
28 Snowberry Lane
Orient, ME 04471-4320

A 501 (c) (3) Publicly Supported Organization under US IRS code 170,b,1,A,vi
TIN 03-0465585

Summer 2014

2014 would have been CLIC's fifth year in its project to help restore a healthy smelt fishery in East Grand Lake ... we have already completed four years of stocking 2 million smelt fry each year in EGL ... and we planned to continue into a fifth year and had already received a permit to do so from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.   BUT ... on the day and at the time that the fifth batch of 2,000,000 smelt fry were to be released, the permit was withdrawn by ME DIF&W ... and CLIC has not been told the reason.

It is too late to stock any smelt fry this year so we have a year to find out whether or not the ME DIF&W will allow us to do so in 2015.  The funds have been committed so we'll just have to wait and see.

Curious, isn't it, that even after knowing that someone illegally introduced alewife into East Grand Lake several years ago, and stating in the 2014 Fishing Regulations book, "Landlocked alewives compete with smelt populations, often reducing the abundance of smelt in a waterbody.  This change produces a profound negative impact to landlocked salmon because smelt are the primary forage for salmon.  Reduced smelt abundance decreases salmon growth and abundance along with angler satisfaction." that on the spur of the moment, the stocking permit was withdrawn in the fifth year of a previously approved smelt stocking program.

Curious too that searun (anadromous) alewives are now being allowed to ascend into the upper waters and lakes of the St. Croix Watershed ... where precious little evidence exists to prove that the alewives had occurred naturally in the past.  Ever since the last time anadromous alewives were allowed into Spednic Lake it has been illegal to fish for smallmouth bass.

Summer 2010

Dear CLIC Members and Friends of the Chiputneticook Lakes:

As you may know, CLIC has embarked on an ambitious (and expensive) three-year project to bolster the smelt population of East Grand Lake. The purpose of this letter is to inform you about CLIC's Fisheries Projects and our ongoing plans (conceived to date) for our fishery activities in the Chiputneticook Lakes area for the next three years....and to solicit your support.

The immediate focus of our three-year program is to reestablish a strong population of Rainbow Smelt by purchasing and stocking East Grand Lake with privately raised smelt fry. (We believe that the smelt fry...and the adults when they mature...that we stock will find their way into the other lakes with which we are concerned and our international plans are to look into the stocking of live adult smelt on the Canadian side with funds raised in New Brunswick.

Ever since someone illegally introduced alewives into East Grand Lake, our Rainbow Smelt population has been at risk and the native smelt population has declined to levels substantially below those recorded in the 1980s and much so that fewer young salmon are being stocked in East Grand by the Maine biologists. In the 1970s upwards of 30,000 salmon were stocked annually...for the last three years, East Grand has received only 6000 yearling salmon...a result of there being so few smelt for more salmon to feed on.

One of CLIC's members, upon hearing of our discussions to raise money to purchase smelt fry, has generously donated $5,000.00 to our project this year and has pledged more support over the next two years. Because there are other expenses in addition to purchasing the smelt fry, we need your assistance to do the job … and do it well. Several CLIC members have already heard the call and have donated $50.00 each to the CLIC Fisheries Committee to help defray expenses … and we have already expended those funds in support of the first actual stocking of about three million smelt fry (May 2010).

Here's what we're asking for:

A one time contribution … in any amount … your check should be earmarked for "CLIC's Fishery Projects."

If you are not already a CLIC member, your donation of $10.00 or more will earn you a CLIC membership in the year(s) you contribute. CLIC will then bill you for membership in future years.


A contribution of $100.00 in each of two years … (or all at once) … each payment should be earmarked for "CLIC's Fishery Projects."

Your contributions will earn you CLIC membership in each year that you contribute and your two contributions are a good start toward becoming a LIFE MEMBER of CLIC (Five consecutive annual contributions of $100.00 qualifies the donor and one other person to be shown as LIFE MEMBERS on CLIC's Membership Rolls.)

Upon receipt of your second $100.00 contribution earmarked for our fishery projects, we will send you
a premium gift of a set of four LARGE hydrographic drawings of East Grand Lake. These drawings — dated 1894 — are amazingly detailed and show the depth of East Grand and North lakes in several thousand locations. Anyone who really wants to KNOW East Grand will want a copy of these drawings.


Two contributions of $250.00 prior to the end of 2012 (the first of which should be earmarked for CLIC's Fishery Project. Unless also marked for fishery projects, the second contribution will be used for CLIC's operational expenses).

Payment of your $500.00 contribution qualifies you immediately for LIFE MEMBERSHIP in CLIC and goes a long way toward helping us complete the Smelt Fry Stocking Project along with setting up for future fisheries projects here in the Chiputneticook Lakes Region.

Upon receipt of your first $250.00 contribution, we will send you the set of four hydrographic maps.

Recognized as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization, CLIC acknowledges in writing, all contributions of $250.00 or more (which satisfies the Internal Revenue Service’s documentation requirements). All contributions to CLIC are tax deductible.

If you'd like to contribute to this major fisheries project, please mail your contribution to the address either at the top or the bottom of this web page....we'll know what to do based on the amount of your enclosed check. Sorry, CLIC is not authorized to accept credit card payments...a money order or your personal or business check will be appreciated.

Other fisheries projects in planning stages include:

1) An "Adopt-A-Brook" Program where one or two local residents agree to adopt a smelt spawning brook and see (annually) that it is free from debris and obstructions allowing smelt access to their spawning beds.

2) With potential funding from New Brunswick's Nature Trust (and required cost sharing, i.e., contribution matching) and with appropriate permits from the N.B. Department of Natural Resources, we plan to explore possibilities to initiate a live adult smelt stocking project and to continue stream restoration on the New Brunswick side of EGL and North Lake.

Finally, if you are not already a member, we encourage you to JOIN CLIC by following the directions on our

Established as a lake association in 1992, CLIC is an international organization with members from both the United States and Canada. Members need not own property on any of our lakes. CLIC is an INclusive rather than an EXclusive organization.

CLIC covers the lakes and streams of the Upper St. Croix Watershed from North Amity to Vanceboro and includes the waters of Monument Brook, North Lake, The Thoroughfare, East Grand Lake, Brackett and Deering Lakes, Mud Lake Stream, Mud Lake, Spednic Lake and Palfrey Lake.

CLIC's annual dues are minimal at only $10.00 per year per member and we encourage your extended family and anyone else who is interested in CLIC's goals and ideals to join ... our strength is in having a high number of members.

We have fostered many local lake-centered projects and programs and we support many local conservation organizations.

If you have a question or comment, you may contact any of CLIC's directors. Officers & Directors

or write to:

Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy
28 Snowberry Lane
Orient, ME 04471-4320

or send an e-mail to

or phone the Treasurer at 207-448-7758

Thanks, in advance, for your financial participation in these worthwhile projects … and for your continuing membership in CLIC, YOUR lake association.

For the Board of Directors,

. Bill Walton

William P. Walton, III
Director and Treasurer

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